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Composite Doors Ashford

Composite Doors Ashford

We offer industry leading composite doors for homes in Ashford and around the surrounding region. This range of robust doors are visually appealing and are manufactured to a high standard, ensuring you get a long lasting product. We work with leading manufacturers like Doorstop and Solidor, helping you get the best for your home.

Our experienced yet friendly team use the skills learnt to deliver the very best installation for your Ashford home. We will talk you through the entire process, offering a price and impartial advice with no obligation to buy. We want you to make an informed decision about the right doors for your home.

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First Impressions

Your front door is the first thing that visitors will see when arriving at your property, so it’s important it leaves a positive first impression. Our composite doors are visually appealing and highly secure, making them the perfect front door installation for your home. They mimic the look of authentic timber and can be customised to suit the existing architecture of your building.


High Quality Designs

We work with the best manufacturers to ensure you get a new door fitted with the latest in innovations and technology. Our composite doors will help improve the security and thermal efficiency of a space. Crafted using premium materials, they will last for many years to come.

Your new composite door will be expert crafted using modern manufacturing processes to ensure quality. Because these doors are made using a combination of robust materials, they will last for many years to come without requiring heavy maintenance.

Our high quality range of composite doors has been fitted with high-security multi-point locking mechanisms as standard. The market-leading durability of the materials makes them incredibly robust and resilient to sudden forces. Keep those unwanted intruders outside, where they belong. The only way of gaining entry to your Ashford home will be with a key.


Energy Efficient

With the cost of living on the rise, it’s important your new composite door installation insulates your home. These doors offer six times more insulation than uPVC or timber alternatives. These door designs will offer enhanced levels of thermal efficiency and will help your home better retain heat. Because you will spend less money on your central heating, you could find yourself enjoying lower heating bills and a minimised carbon footprint.

Kent Composite Door

Features & Benefits

Our composite doors have been designed and manufactured to mimic the timeless aesthetic of authentic timber, making them the perfect upgrade if your Ashford property has outdated old doors that require replacing.

Invest in your Ashford property with our advanced and industry-leading composite doors. Our bespoke home improvement solutions have a longer lifespan than uPVC and timber alternatives. Our robust double lazing installations have been built to last and give you many years of a quality performance.

Weather-Resistant composite doors kent

Weather Resistant

Keep your Ashford home warm and dry all year round with our range of bespoke composite doors. Composite doors come with a range of insulation features that will help insulate your home. They will protect the space from the outside world, preventing draughts and water from causing damage inside the space.

Visually Appealing

Just because our composite doors are high performing, secure and thermally efficient, it doesn’t mean you should compromise on visual appeal. You will have full control over how these doors will look and perform. We offer a range of customisation options, allowing homeowners to personalise their new installation. We offer a range of colours and finishes as well as hardware and glazing which allows you to have full design control.
composite door cost Ashford
composite doors cost Ashford

Low Maintenance

We know our Ashford customers are busy, which is why you don’t need to spend time and money maintaining our composite doors. These robust profiles won’t rot and warp over time and wear. They can handle adverse weather conditions without needing upkeep.

Mimic Timeless Aesthetics

Our range of attractive composite doors have been designed to replicate the look of authentic timber but with all the modern benefits. This line of doors is low maintenance and won’t suffer from the warping, rotting and durability issues associated with classic timber profiles. Our customisation options, which include woodgrain options, can further accentuate the classic aesthetic. This makes these doors ideal for older homes and heritage properties.
Composite-Doors prices kent

Composite Door Prices Ashford

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