Energy Efficiency

Our Liniar windows offer exceptional energy efficiency. Market leading in their composition, their multi-chambered technology gives incredible insulation, superior to any other window on the market.

All our uPVC Liniar windows contain a dual functionality which allows you to gain free heat energy from the sun. This combined with a revolutionary profile, makes the Liniar window truly industry leading.

How energy efficient is your home? Keeping your home energy efficient is not only an effective way to reduce your monthly outgoings but is also eco-friendly too. This can be as simple as checking your windows and doors for draughts or cold spots.

Our ground-breaking Liniar double glazing is A+ energy rated which is the highest rating available. Excellent insulation comes as standard as tight weather seals work to prevent outside elements from interfering. Extremely weather tight, our Liniar windows will keep your property warm and secure all year round.





What Are Energy Ratings?bfrc-logo

Energy ratings give home owners an indication to the energy performance of a window. The window energy rating scheme is endorsed by industry energy specialists, the BFRC. In order to carry the BFRC seal of approval, a window must ensure a high energy performance.

Every component of a window is checked to ensure it meets strict criteria. The higher the rating, the better the energy performance.

Our A+ energy rated windows are proudly BFRC accredited and are endorsed to display the ‘Energy Saving Recommended’ logo. You can be assured of superior efficiency.

Save Energy. Save Those Pennies

It’s actually quite simple. Saving energy within the home means a healthier wallet. A home with high insulation will be more energy efficient, contributing towards a greener environment whilst keeping energy bills low. Everybody loves an energy efficient home.

Our Liniar windows successfully retain warmth within your property, reducing the energy needed to heat your home. A transparent metallic coating helps to reflect heat back inside your home, allowing you to harness free energy from the sun.

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