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uPVC Flush Sash Windows

BuyRight is a proud supplier of high-quality uPVC flush sash windows to homeowners in Kent and the surrounding areas, offering outstanding performance in both security and thermal efficiency whilst retaining the same classic look at traditional timber frames.

With a timeless design that mimics traditional window design, but with top-of-the-range features and modern high-performance glazing, you can be sure that the windows you get from BuyRight are of exceptional quality.

Normal white uPVC can often clash with a home’s classic appearance, but with our flush sash windows we offer a design that perfectly replicates the style, appearance and grain of wooden frames. This old-style aesthetic perfectly complements traditional properties with pre-existing features, as well as modern builds with a rustic appearance.

While providing a classic appearance, however, our uPVC windows will also provide you with the best modern-day advanced technology to give you the best insulation and security available to you. Designed for efficiency and to be hard-wearing against even the roughest weather thrown its way, our Liniar sash windows are the best uPVC window profiles on the market.

Flush sash windows sittingbourne kent
flush casement windows sittingbourne kent

Unrivalled Efficiency

While timber frames are sought after for their appearance, they are not known for their quality of insulation or security, which is why our wood-style uPVC windows are the superior option; achieving a Windows Energy Rating of A, meaning that your home will be kept warmer for longer, reducing your carbon footprint and saving you money on energy bills.

Thermal efficiency is a must when getting windows installed, allowing for you to use certain areas of your house all year round rather than just in warm weather, saving you money on heating and also providing a better sense of security. Our advanced designs are sturdy and long-lasting, providing you with top-of-the-range insulation for years to come. The profile of our flush sash windows include multiple chambers within the frames, trapping pockets of warm air that then acts as a thermal barrier against cold air from the outside, keeping you cosy within your home even in the coldest weather.


British weather isn’t perfect, but with our uPVC flush sash windows you can be sure that your property is protected from whatever the weather throws your way. Intelligent design features include gaskets that offer outstanding wind residence, eliminating draughts, and the increased thermal protection means that rain and cold winds will not get through into your home.

High Tech – Low Maintenance

Despite their traditional appearance, our windows incorporate state-of-the-art modern technology, with multi-chambered frames, reinforced double glazing and additional features such as gaskets giving you a window that is durable and long-lasting. Unlike timber frames, which can suffer from natural wear-and-tear and often need additional upkeep including repainting, sanding and varnishing to keep their appearance, uPVC doesn’t rot, warp or crack due to prolonged exposure to the elements and only needs the occasional wipe down to keep your view unobstructed.

Constructed and manufactured to an incredibly high standard, our modern sash windows are freely available for you to get installed on your property. With an unobtrusive profile that seamlessly blends in with your property, complementing and drawing attention to any pre-existing features.

Unique practicality

Our uPVC flush sash windows have increased functionality, especially when compared to their wooden counterparts, with cleverly designed mechanisms for smooth and efficient operation, making them easier to use and easier to clean. These windows are perfect.

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Like all of our windows here at BuyRight, our flush sash windows will provide your home in Kent with an outstanding level of security. Hard-wearing and sturdy against forced entry, our windows have been designed to minimise any potential weak points in the structure that intruders may try and use to gain entry to your home.

We include top-line multi-point locking systems in our windows as standard, and make sure that any of the available hardware choices that you can choose for your bespoke design have the same high security standards as the base window, to ensure of complete protection for your home, your family and your personal belongings.

Striking, Authentic Appearance

Our uPVC flush sash windows are specially designed to mimic and replicate traditional timber windows that have been adorning our homes for centuries, while incorporating modern technology to ensure thermal efficiency and security.

The Perfect Finishing Touch

All of the windows that we offer come with a choice of different types of glazing, including toughened glass for improved window security. We also offer Georgian or Astragal bars that break up the window pane and create a more classic appearance. All of these are available in a range of different colours, finishes and designs, with decorative sash horns to complete the look.

Benefits of uPVC Flush Sash Windows

Our flush sash windows are a great way of giving your property a much needed classic appearance, blending in with whatever type of property style you have whilst complementing pre-existing features no matter if you are living in an old or new-style home.

Our uPVC frames also offer a range of advanced technological features that ensure to improve your properties security and thermal efficiency, saving you money.

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Flush Sash Window Prices

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