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Composite Doors Tunbridge Wells

We install premium composite doors in homes across the Tunbridge Wells area. These composite doors are built to make a positive first impression with attractive looks that don’t compromise on performance. We partner with industry-leading manufacturers, such as Solidor and Doorstop, to bring you the very best in composite doors.

Our team have years of experience delivering premium home improvement installations. We are here for you throughout the entire process. From choosing your design that’s right for your Tunbridge Wells home to skilfully manufacturing your door to your exact specifications, through to our expert installers placing the door in your home.

First Impressions

Your entrance door is probably the first thing that any visitors will notice about your Tunbridge Wells home. Our stylish composite doors can make a positive impact. Mimicking authentic timber doors, enjoy the classic look without compromising on the modern benefits.

Manufacturing Process

Our composite doors are crafted using the latest technological advancements to provide superior levels of durability. You can also enjoy improved levels of security, an impressive thermal performance, along with a stunning finish that will continue to look like new.

The composite doors we offer are built using an advanced manufacturing process that combines a variety of materials under immense pressure. Their robust structure gives them strength and durability that is unrivalled by their timber and uPVC counterparts.

Finishing Touches

Creating a stunning, long-lasting aesthetic that is sure to impress any visitors to your home, our composite doors offer the very best in style. You have control over the way your door looks as we offer a range of customisable designs.

Value for Money

Our composite doors enjoy a much longer lifespan than their uPVC and timber counterparts. These premium doors are built to last and will continue to provide money-saving benefits for many years to come.

Kent Composite Door

Authentic Appearance

Created to authentically replicate the classic look of timber, our robust composite doors have a timeless aesthetic. They offer a traditional timber feel, along with industry-leading, contemporary performance, while being extremely low maintenance. The broad range of visually appealing styles makes our composite door installations perfect for traditional and contemporary homes alike.

No Upkeep Required

Made to your specifications, our composite doors are specially designed to suit both your Tunbridge Wells home and lifestyle. Each window is low maintenance and weather-resistant, meaning can forget about expensive maintenance issues. Resistant to both warping and rotting, our composite doors are extremely hard-wearing.

Features & Benefits

Designed to look like timeless timber, our premium composite doors look authentic, matching the traditional form of wooden doors. With so many glazing, design, and hardware options available, you can perfectly match any style of Tunbridge Wells property, contemporary or traditional.

You can benefit from a rustic design without the energy-consuming and expensive maintenance issues associated with timber. Equipped with the contemporary benefits of a uPVC system, our composite doors give you a long-lasting performance that delivers for many years to come.


Weather Resistant

Our composite doors will keep your home safe from the sometimes temperamental elements. Intelligently designed features not only provide superior levels of insulation but also prevent water ingress and draughts. No matter what the unpredictable Tunbridge Wells weather throws at you, your composite door will keep your home warm, comfortable and dry.

High Security

Our premium composite doors come with high security locking systems as standard. The outstanding strength of our composite door designs makes them so tough that they are even resilient to sudden force. Paired with the incredible durability of premium materials, they offer amazing protection against potential intruders.



Low Maintenance

Robust and durable, our composite doors have everything you could want from an entrance door. These composite doors will stand the test of time, maintaining their looks and performance with minimal hassle. They are guaranteed not to warp and won’t need to be repainted. The protective scratch resistant skin will keep them looking as good as new for longer.

Energy Efficient

Our composite doors deliver superior energy efficiency, delivering up to six times more insulation than standard doors, with an added bonus of acoustic insulation. Our doors are the first choice for homeowners in Tunbridge Wells as they offer superior thermal efficiency, which saves could save you money on your central heating as well as minimising your carbon footprint.



Composite Door Prices Tunbridge Wells

Use our online quoting engine to get a bespoke price on composite doors for your Tunbridge Wells homes. We offer unbeatable prices on our products, helping you get premium doors on a budget. Simply enter your specifications to get a zero-obligation price for free.

If you prefer to talk to our team directly, call us on 01795 427 222. Alternatively, use our online contact form. We are happy to help with any queries that you may have and can even arrange a visit to discuss your options.

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