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French Casement Windows Maidstone

Are you searching for the perfect double glazing solution for your home in Maidstone and throughout the nearby areas? We supply and fit beautiful French casement windows for homeowners who are looking to add a little style along with substance to their property.

We source these gorgeous installations from leading manufacturers Liniar. Their French casement windows are stunning and effective at delivering outstanding performance throughout the lifespan of this installation.

French casement windows get their name from the same aspect of French doors. This is because when open, the mullion will move out of the way with one of the sashes to provide unobstructed views. This means you can benefit from uncompromised views as well as maximum ventilation for your Maidstone home.

If you would like to find out more information, please do not hesitate to reach out to the team today. You can also get a free online quote by using our bespoke design tool—Discover Buy Right’s competitive prices across our range of double glazing, including stunning French casement windows.

French Casement Windows Maidstone

Style & Aesthetics

These profiles are a popular choice for rural properties. This is because the French casement windows employ a simplistic and traditional aesthetic that is popular among cottage style homes. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t work for more modern looking homes.

These fantastic profiles are outstanding as they offer both contemporary style as well as traditional too. Their clean sightlines – unlike timber – will ensure that you will be enhancing the look of your home in Maidstone and throughout the surrounding areas.

Bespoke For You

One of the best things about our French casement windows is that we will create these bespoke to you. No two homes are the same, and that is why we believe in crafting solutions that enhance every household for the better.

We ensure that these will be configured to your exact specifications. This means that you will get the profiles that you have always dreamt of for your home. Get in touch with the team for more details about our stunning French casement windows for homeowners in Maidstone.

Secure French Casement Windows

Constructed out of robust uPVC, you can be sure that you will get a level of security that will outperform all other profiles you have experienced before. With safety in mind, these profiles have been designed to keep potential intruders out.

We will fit our French casement windows with Yale locking systems. This is one of the most well known security and locking companies throughout Maidstone and the rest of the UK. That is why we work with them to bring the best solutions to our clients.

Ensure that you have peace of mind while you relax in your home while watching TV, reading a book and more! Contact the team today to get all the information you would like to know about these outstanding profiles.

French Casement Windows Video

Thermal Performance

Thermally Efficient French casement windows maidstone

Another fantastic benefit that comes from having our uPVC French casement windows fitted for your home is the fact that you will be improving the thermal performance of your property. Reaching incredible levels of energy efficiency anywhere up to A+12.

Heat retention is vital in helping you to reduce your overall carbon consumption and to reduce your energy bills. That’s right. Our French casement windows could potentially see a decrease in how much you pay each month in terms of your energy bills.


french casement windows near me maidstone

With reducing your carbon emissions through fantastic thermal performance, you will be reducing your carbon footprint. This is important if you are concerned about doing what you can to protect the environment while enjoying comfortable living.

Not only this, but Liniar’s uPVC profile doesn’t rely on lead reinforcement to ensure that strength and stability of your new French casement windows. This means that once these have lived out their lengthy lifespan, you will be able to recycle them and avoid adding to pesky landfills.

Low Maintenance

french casement windows installation maidstone

As a company, we understand that you don’t want to have to waste your time having to fix and repair flimsy and unreliable frames. Not only this, but you don’t want to have to be repainting these regularly to ensure that they still look beautiful perhaps many years on.

That is why our French casement windows are the best solution for your home in Maidstone and throughout the surrounding areas. You won’t have to worry about the frames becoming misshaped when it is exposed the temperamental British weather that it has become infamous for.

French Casement Window Prices Maidstone

Looking for bespoke French casement window prices in Maidstone and throughout the surrounding areas? Look no further than us here at Buy Right. Our website will allow you to discover bespoke quotes in a matter of minutes across a wide range of our products and services. This can be done by using our online cost calculator.

Alternatively, you can reach out to the team by filling out our online contact form. This will leave us a message that we will respond to as a matter of urgency. Our experts are more than happy to give you all the information you need before having our double glazed French casement windows fitted for your property.

We hope to hear from you very soon!


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