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Roof Lanterns, Chatham

Here at Buy Right, we offer a range of stunning roof lanterns to homeowners in Chatham and the surrounding Medway areas. Lantern roofs also referred to as lantern skylights or roof lights, are an ideal solution to allowing more light into your extension, conservatory or orangery. They offer a modern look, easily upgrading your home to new levels.

Our dedication to customer satisfaction has led us to partner with Stratus to supply our customers with their top tier roof lanterns. Stratus are niche market leaders and manufacture state of the art structures that can be installed into homes with ease. They meet and exceed the highest specifications and standards, allowing you to bring long lasting quality to your Chatham home.

Our Stratus roof lanterns are highly customisable. This ensures that they will match the existing style of your Chatham home. There is no need for your new installation to stick out like a sore thumb, instead, it will complement and highlight the beauty of your home. We offer three classic colour options: satin black, white and anthracite grey. These colours are extremely chic and sure to suit any style of home. We also offer a variety of glazing options, hardware and accessories. Our experienced team will be there to help you explore the options available.

Rest assured knowing that Stratus roof lanterns are quick and easy to install. Our team of Buy Right installers are experienced and highly trained. They will make sure that your new roof lanterns are installed with minimal disruption to your daily family life.

If you are keen to get started, please take a look at our online design tool. Here you can receive a competitive price for our roof lanterns in Chatham in a matter of minutes!

Modern Roof Lanterns

If you are looking to add modern appeal to your Chatham property, a roof lantern may be the perfect solution. They will ensure that your extension, conservatory or orangery stands out from the crowd. At Buy Right, we want nothing more for our customers than for them to achieve their dream home.

Stratus roof lanterns not only look good, but they also offer contemporary performance benefits. They perform to modern standards, ensuring that once installed you will benefit from warmer temperatures, higher security levels and complete weatherproofing. Our roof lanterns will add value to your home.

Beautiful Centrepiece

The addition of a roof lantern can create a stunning focal point within your property. As it focuses light down on one area, they are perfect above a dining room table, kitchen island or entertaining area. When people enter your home, they will automatically be drawn to the area below your roof lantern. This space will be inviting all year round, making it the perfect area to host guests or relax with your family.

Lantern Roofs Chatham
Lantern roofs Chatham

Natural Light

The amount of natural light a home receives is extremely important. A brighter property will appear bigger, even if it is not. Our roof lanterns have been carefully designed to maximise the inflow of natural light. Their extremely slim aluminium frames ensure vast views of the sky and outdoor world. With the increase of natural light, your home will feel brighter, airier and more spacious. This can make it feel like an entirely new home altogether!


Environmentally Friendly

At Buy Right, we understand the importance of products being environmentally friendly in the current climate. This is why our products have been carefully designed by Stratus to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Aluminium is an extremely green material. It is available naturally in abundance and can also be easily recycled after use. This is amazing as it makes sure that your roof lantern can be reused in another lifetime.

As mentioned, our roof lanterns also perform extremely well. They include a unique thermal breaking system which makes all the difference. It includes internal aluminium layers which prevent cold transfer. Their high thermal efficiency means that you will find yourself using less and less central heating. This will not only save you money but also reduce your carbon footprint. Help create a greener future for us all.

Market Appeal

Whether you are renovating your current extension, conservatory or orangery to get more kerb appeal, or starting a new build, a roof lantern will add market appeal to your property. You will find that your Chatham home soars in value!

This is due to the increased style and value that our roof lanterns add to any home. They have the ability to turn what could previously be a dark, small space into a bright, versatile area.

What’s more, if you have a flat roof extension a roof lantern can easily be installed without the need to build a new structure. This can save you time and money while opening up your home! Get in touch today if you would like more information.

Stratus Lantern roof quote Chatham

Roof Lantern Prices, Chatham

If you are considering the addition of a roof lantern from Buy Right, please contact us today. Our friendly and helpful team would be delighted to get your next home renovation project started.

If you would prefer to receive a free and instant quote, please take a look at our online designer tool. After entering your personal specifications, you will receive a price in a matter of minutes. It couldn’t be easier with Buy Right!

To speak to us directly, feel free to give us a call on 01795 427 222.

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