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Patio Doors Canterbury

Upgrade your Canterbury home with our range of patio doors. Popular as back doors, these elegant designs make a seamless transaction between a home and a garden, patio or decking area. These designs come with a range of benefits including enhanced levels of thermal performance, weatherproofing and security.

Crafted using modern materials and advanced manufacturing techniques, these patio doors deliver on both form and function. These sliding uPVC doors are a fantastic investment for modern and traditional homes in the Canterbury area.

Use our online quoting engine to get a price today or get in touch to learn more about the many benefits of our patio doors. We will be happy to help you achieve your home improvement goals.

Features & Benefits

Our patio doors are sourced from Liniar, market leaders when it comes to uPVC installations. We don’t believe Canterbury homeowners should have to choose between form and function, which is why our patio doors deliver on both. Our Liniar double glazed doors are manufactured in the UK, meaning that we can provide fast turnaround times on your order.

Crafted using premium uPVC, these patio doors can improve the market value, weather resistance and thermal efficiency of a space. These robust designs can handle adverse weather conditions and will keep your home protected all year round.

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10 Year Guarantee

You are investing in the very best for your Canterbury home when you choose patio doors from Buy Right. We are so confident in the quality of our patio doors, they come with a reliable 10 year guarantee. Even after time and with wear, these high quality uPVC doors will not crack, warp, or become discoloured or be affected unlike other materials in the industry.

Effortless Operation

Our uPVC patio doors have been crafted to have an effortlessly easy operation, even for those with mobility issues. These sliding doors open and close on a multi-wheel rolling mechanism which will not jam or become stuck. For your peace of mind, our patio doors have been tried and tested throughout thousands and thousands of opening cycles to ensure that they continue to work well for many years.

Thermal Performance

With the cost of living on the rise, it is important that your patio doors offer an enhanced level of thermal performance. These uPVC patio doors feature multi chambers which exist within the profile to keep your Canterbury home comfortable all year round.

The thermal efficiency of these designs means you could lower your energy bills because you won’t rely as much on your central heating. Your home will better be able to retain heat, creating a thermal barrier between the inside of your property and the outside world.

Enhanced Security

We know security is a priority to a Canterbury homeowner, which is why all our uPVC doors are inherently strong. These doors are fitted with the latest in security technology, ensuring your home, family and belongings stay protected.

These doors are fitted with multipoint locking systems and robust shootbolts as standard. This means these doors, despite the expansive of glazing, won’t be able to be used as a point of entry. Keep your loved ones saved with our sliding door systems.

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Air-Glide System

Air-Glide-System patio doors maidstone
Our patio doors feature a smooth, multi-wheeled ‘air-glide’ system which maintains an almost silent and effortless operation, even after years of use.

Innovative Thresholds

Clever Thresholds for patio doors maidstone
Improve the accessibility of your Canterbury home by adding low thresholds and ramps. With an innovative wrap over design, ugly scuff marks will be a thing of the past.

Elegant Look

slim framed patio doors maidstone
For an elegantly sleek aesthetic, our patio doors can be fitted with slimmer sightlines and thin frames. This will flood your home with light and creates a welcoming space.

High Security Locks

Yale-ModLok patio doors maidstone
Our entire range of uPVC patio doors feature the advanced Yale Modlock systems for an enhanced level of security for your property.

Space Saving

Additional-Space patio doors maidstone
If space is at a premium, our uPVC patio doors are a fantastic installation. Because they slide open and closed, they need no swing space.

Family Friendly

Child-Friendly patio doors maidstone
An ideal investment for homeowners with little kids and pets, these doors have design features to keep little fingers and toes protected.
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uPVC Patio Door Prices Canterbury

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