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uPVC Patio Doors, Tunbridge Wells

Enhance your Tunbridge Wells homes with our uPVC patio doors. Our sliding uPVC patio doors are a seamless transition between home and garden, patio or decking area. They provide homeowners with superior levels of both thermal efficiency and security.

Stylish secure, our Liniar patio doors combine visual appeal with innovative uPVC technology. Their durable profile system offers outstanding performance without compromising on long lasting looks.

Patio doors are a popular feature in both contemporary and period Tunbridge Wells properties. Their modern, understated design makes them ideal for a wide selection of architecture, maximising space and enhancing the aesthetics.

Features & Benefits

Manufactured to cater for the needs of the modern homeowner, our innovative Patio doors, from market leading uPVC profile manufacturer Liniar, are built with a number of special features and benefits.

This well designed sliding door was made with superior levels of weather resistance, energy efficiency and aesthetics. These durable profiles will stay looking better for longer as well, with minimal upkeep.

Our contemporary patio doors are intelligently designed to produce an innovative uPVC patio door that delivers far more than alternatives available on the market. You’ll enjoy the many benefits that our patio doors provide to homeowners, no matter the size or style of home.

Patio Doors Tunbridge Wells
10 Year Guarantee

All Liniar patio doors come with a reliable 10 year guarantee, which is a testament to their longevity. You can have confidence that your new patio doors will not warp, fade, crack or discolour. They’ll remain looking and working at their best for longer.


Effortless Operation

Included in the design of our patio doors is a premium, multi-wheel rolling mechanism that helps encourage effortless operation with every use. This Innovative design feature also saves space in your Tunbridge Wells home due to the lack of a swing arc.


Thermal Performance

The intricate multi-chambered uPVC design provides an outstanding thermal performance. It creates a thermal barrier by trapping warm pockets of air within the profile. This improves the heat retention of your Tunbridge Wells home, naturally increasing the thermal insulation.


Enjoy the benefits of a warm Tunbridge Wells home, save money on your heating bills and help to protect the environment. You will rely less on your central heating to keep your home warm, which will minimise your carbon footprint and possibly lower your energy bills.


Highly Secure

Alongside the inherent strength and durability of uPVC, our range of patio doors are further enhanced by the secure and high performance locking systems. You can rest assured that your family, belongings, and home remain safe and secure.



Our patio doors offer a fantastic degree of weatherproofing. Cutting-edge design features like our gaskets ensure that water ingress and cold draughts are eliminated with a weatherproof seal. Stay warm and dry no matter how adverse the weather conditions are.



The uPVC utilised to craft our patio doors and throughout our range of double glazing products is 100% recyclable. At the end of their long lifecycle every element of our patio doors can be reused. This enables us to offer a totally sustainable manufacturing process.


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Air-Glide System


A multi-wheeled ultra smooth ‘air-glide’ system maintains a quiet and user-friendly operation. This effortless opening transition makes the Patio Plus highly accessible.

Clever Thresholds


Low threshold and ramp options can easily approve accessibility. Our doors can be fitted with a smart wrap-over design which stops unsightly scuff marks from occurring.

Smooth Sightlines


Ultra slim sightlines give a sleek appearance. More glazing and less frame mean a brighter room, giving your Tunbridge Wells home more light and depth,

High Security Locks


Featuring the Yale Modlock system, our range of patio doors offer superior levels of security. Far stronger and more secure than older patio doors on the market, the Liniar Patio Plus features high tensile steel shootbolts at both the cill and head.

Additional Space


A smooth sliding operation means our sliding patio doors don’t take up valuable space, making the installation ideal for small spaces. These uPVC doors work on a sliding rail which eliminates the requirements of swinging hinges, sliding back to the very point of opening.



Because our patio doors have a clever ‘finger-traps-free’ design, they are ideal for family’s with young childrens. This helps to protect little fingers from getting caught or trapped – making them the ideal solution for a family home.
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