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Conservatory Range in Kent

A high quality conservatory is paramount to enhancing the value, adaptability and practicality of your home in Kent. Buy Right are happy to offer a versatile range that can accommodate for any and all Kent properties.

Our collection includes the Victorian Conservatory, Edwardian Conservatory, Gable Conservatory, Lean-To Conservatory and the Bespoke Conservatory.

High Quality Conservatory Installation

Because we’re conservatory specialists, we can confidently guarantee a high quality installation. We’ll be with you all the way from your initial quotation through to the actual fitting. This means that we can custom build your extension to meet the needs of your property in Kent

The installation need not be a stressful affair for you, our experts will take care of all designing, planning and building work. This not only ensures a quality finish, it also means that the installation will go as smoothly, and efficiently as possible.

Outfit your home in Kent with an exceptional extension from Buy Right, and benefit from a fantastic service across the board.

Adaptable Conservatory Design

A conservatory is a great way to extend the living space of your Kent property. Whether your home is contemporary or traditional, our experts can provide your home with the perfect fit, which will ensure maximum space and usability.

A fantastic element about conservatories is their complete multi-functionality as a living space. For some, they act as an extra dining room or living area, for others it is converted into a home office or play room. There is a myriad of ways you can use your Kent home extension, and most importantly, the choice is completely yours.

Conservatory Range

Our conservatory range is comprehensive and accommodating, with designs ranging from the contemporary to traditional, they can be fitted and adapted to any and all Kent homes.

Victorian Conservatory

The Victorian design features a beautifully traditional aesthetic, offering a beautiful extension to any traditional Kent property, and a classic touch to any contemporary Kent property.

Featuring a multi-faceted design, the Victorian style is octagonal in shape. This gives you exceptional views of your garden, whilst simultaneously allowing natural light to flood in. This design is a beautifully spacious, and aesthetically attractive extension for any Kent property.

To really complete the traditional look, subtle and charming finials are added to the roofline for a lavish and classic look. Choose the Victorian style from Buy Right today, and
benefit from an extension that has won the hearts of many generations.victorian conservatory Kent

Edwardian Conservatory

Another ancestor of a traditional extension design, the Edwardian style consists of a square or rectangular shape. This offers bountiful floor space, which allows Kent homeowners to really make the most of the space a home extension can bring.

Although sporting a traditional aesthetic, the Edwardian design can be easily fitted to any Kent property, and will prove itself to be a beautiful addition wherever it is installed.

To achieve the classic look, the Edwardian style is complemented by clean and crisp lines, which allow this design to exude finesse and elegance.

edwardian conservatory Kent

Gable Conservatory

The gable design is a beautiful way to add a stately touch to any Kent property. The spacious, high angled roof design amplifies light and creates a bright and endearing atmosphere.

Incorporating a ‘rising sun’ roofline design with the timeless Gable aesthetic, this design is always in style, and will prove itself to be a worthwhile investment for any Kent homeowner.gable conservatory Kent

Lean-To Conservatory

An incredibly contemporary design, the lean-to style can be adapted to any Kent property. This option excels in adaptability, practicality and cost-effectiveness.

Because the lean-to can be easily fitted to smaller spaces, even Kent homeowners who live in bungalows or terraced houses can benefit from the lean-to’s incredibly versatile installation.

Stylish and simple, this option has become a hugely popular extension in the Kent area.lean-to conservatory Kent

Bespoke Conservatory

The Bespoke option intelligently combines the lean-to with a different design to create a P-shaped layout. This is ideal for larger Kent homes, or Kent properties that have awkward housing space.

An easily tailored design, Bespoke Conservatories can be easily fitted your desired space. If you’re a Kent homeowner looking for a unique design, the Bespoke is the choice for you.Bespoke conservatory Kent

Conservatory Colour and Finishes

Our whole range is available in a wide selection of colours and finishes, spanning from the authentic wood-grained look to the standard, sophisticated pure white colour options.

Other colours include Golden Oak, Mahogany and Rosewood. All colours are in it for the long run, and will not fade or discolour over time.

Conservatory Prices

Interested in our conservatory prices? Get a free and instant online quote from us today, and benefit from our superbly competitive prices.

If you feel you require more information, you can get in touch with us via our online contact form, or call us on 01795 427 222.

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uPVC Conservatories Tunbridge Wells

Conservatories in Kent

Conservatories Kent

As well as our best-selling windows and doors, we also sell a range of beautiful conservatories here at Buy Right windows, specialising in luxurious, high quality designs for your Kent property. As certified by Certass, you can rest assured that our conservatories are excellent in quality and design.

We will take you through each process and will be behind you every step of the way, ensuring you get the most out of your conservatory choice.

Conservatories are a beautiful way of adding style and charm to your home, and we have a range of styles to choose from – there’s a perfect conservatory for everyone!

Victorian Conservatories

Is your Kent home a beautiful, traditional property?

One of our Victorian conservatories will be perfect for you, with its unique octagonal shape giving depth and dimension. Stunning finials are added to the roof for an extravagant look, while still maintaining a traditional style.

These conservatories are very versatile, suiting a range of homes and properties and will offer a classic touch to your Kent home!

 victorian conservatories

Edwardian Conservatories

Another great option for a traditional Kent home is one from our Edwardian conservatory range. These tend to be square or rectangular in structure, making them easy to furnish and decorate.

Edwardian conservatories greatly complement period properties, but are very adaptable, giving a classic effect to more contemporary homes.

Due to their structure, Edwardian conservatories offer a generous floor-plan, perfect for making use of any excess space. Your Kent home will be transformed by one of our Edwardian conservatories – you’ll wonder why you didn’t get one years ago!

edwardian conservatories

Gable Conservatories

Add a touch of splendor to your Kent home with one of our Gable conservatories, a perfect choice for those looking for a bright, timeless conservatory with a high-angled roof design.

Lie back and watch the stars – choose a Gable conservatory and you’ll have maximum views of the sky and landscape!

A beautiful aspect to gable-ended conservatories is that they typically integrate a ‘rising sun’ design, adding charm and distinctive quality.

gable conservatories


Lean-To Conservatories

For a more cost-effective choice, our lean-to conservatories are a popular option as they combine stylish design with cost-efficient properties.

This is a great option if you’re looking at conservatories to fit a bungalow or terraced house – we will accommodate wherever possible and a lean-to conservatory is a very versatile design that will work with most properties, even if your property has small eaves.


lean-to conservatories


Bespoke Conservatories

Do you have a particular idea in mind for your Kent home? We can accommodate your design preferences, combining a lean-to style with other structures, creating a P-shaped conservatory.

This is perfect for bigger properties and unique housing spaces that perhaps require a bespoke design. No prospect is too difficult – contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss your conservatory ideas for your Kent home!

bespoke conservatories


Prefer Orangeries to Conservatories?

We also offer Orangeries as part of our range of conservatories, a great choice if you’re lucky enough to have a Southern facing home but you’re concerned a conservatory may not be appropriate due to an excess of sunlight.

Built of brick with a glass roof, Orangeries keep you cool while still allowing light to enter through, resulting in a room that doesn’t get too hot, yet allows a direct source of sunlight.

With excellent sound insulation and a robust design, our Orangeries are a great alternative if you’re seeking better ventilation options.


orangies conservatories

orangies conservatories kent













Decided on your favourite from our range of conservatories already? Great! Get in touch to discuss your ideas or get an online quote today. We look forward to talking to you about your new Kent conservatory!

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