uPVC Doors Kent

uPVC doors are supplied and fitted by Buy Right throughout Kent. All of our uPVC doors are tailor made and fitted by our double glazing experts. We have over thirty years of trading experience. Our front doors come in a variety of colours and styles and can be designed to accommodate for wheelchair access.

uPVC doors

We at Buy Right specialise in supplying high quality and sturdy uPVC front doors in Kent. Our range of uPVC doors are rigorously tested for strength, security and energy performance. Because of these tests, we can confidently say that our range of uPVC doors are energy efficient, strong and fantastic value for money.We have joined forces with Liniar and Yale to deliver the best uPVC doors on the market!

You may be asking yourself why we work with Yale and Liniar to bring uPVC doors to homes around Kent. It’s not just the great range of uPVC doors on offer, it’s the in built security and added energy efficiency that attracts us as a supplier.

So if you’re looking for a new doors this winter, choose a uPVC door from Buy Right Windows.

uPVC Front Doors

Our uPVC doors add charisma and charm to your property. You want to have an attractive front door, it’s one the first thing you see when arriving at your home. Something as simple as replacing your front door will immediately make your home appear welcoming and attractive.

Here at Buy Right Windows we have an extensive range of striking uPVC doors. All uPVC doors can be modified for your needs. We offer our customers various colour schemes, styles and finishes. Why not complete your uPVC front door by adding a colour co-ordinated letterbox?

Our uPVC doors are manufactured here in, Britain. We can easily customise your new uPVC front to perfectly match your Kent property. Why not have contrasting uPVC door accessories or stained glass to really highlight the character of your Kent home. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the sheer number of design modifications open to you when purchasing a new uPVC front door.


uPVC Doors save you money

Up to 20% of heat from Kent homes escapes through ill fitted and old front doors. Our uPVC doors are double glazed to dramatically improve energy efficiency. uPVC doors are environmentally friendly too. We ensure that all our uPVC doors are completely lead and steel free. This makes our uPVC doors 100% recyclable, which is good news for the environment.

Liniar manufacture and design our uPVC doors to be energy efficient. The multi chambered technology inside the front door traps pockets of warm air, assuring that cold air cannot make its way into your Kent home. The uPVC door fits perfectly into its made to measure frame. Glazing flippers and thermal dams help to control noise pollution and helps prevent water from entering your home. Because we take the time and effort to construct our uPVC doors without lead and steel, our sturdy front doors remain lightweight as well as robust. This also leaves space for a positive drainage system, yet more defence against the Great British weather…


Security you can trust

We fit all of our uPVC doors with the world’s leading lock brand, Yale. Like you, we don’t take any shortcuts when it comes to the wellbeing of you and your family. Your new uPVC door will provide the ideal shield against the most determined of would be intruders.

Yale’s Lockmaster is backed with a ten year malfunction warranty and up to a £1,000 contents insurance guarantee. For good reason.

The Lockmaster is an incredibly resilient multipoint lock. The central latch and hook combine with an anti-separation hook to create an unmovable seal between the door and the frame.

A claw hook at the top and bottom of the door further improve security to the top and bottom of the frame whilst pre-compression rollers ensure that the door operates smoothly, with added weather protection.


Get an online quote today

Buy Right Windows offer an easy to use, step-by-step online quote system. If you want to see how little a uPVC will cost you, follow this link. Or, alternatively, give one of our expert team members a call on 01795 427222.

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Composite Doors in Kent

Composite Front Doors

If you’re looking for a Composite Door in Kent, you’ve come to the right place. Composite Front Doors are leagues ahead of their competitors, timber and uPVC Doors, and we at Buy Right have a superb range of timeless styles, colours and finishes to choose from.

But just what makes Composite Doors so special? Buy Right Windows in Kent are here to tell you.

Composite Doors Kent


Composite Doors vs. Wooden Doors


Composite Doors win hands down with us!

We all love the idea of a wooden front door, but they certainly do nothing to keep the cold out of your Kent home like a Composite Door would. Those looking for a replacement door for their old wooden door may now be looking at a drab and faded exterior to the face their property – not to mention the annual upkeep involved with wooden doors!

With the winter months closing in, it really is time to reconsider the functionality of a wooden front door. Do we really love wooden doors, or are we just concerned with their appearance?

What if I told you our Composite Doors can be designed to replicate a beautiful wooden door with a stunning woodgrain finish, retaining the integrity of your Kent home should you desire the classic look and feel of a timber door.

We have a stunning range of Composite Doors which combine all the benefits of the latest uPVC technology with a selection of durable, thermally proven materials. This revolutionary design not only saves on energy consumption, but is also a breeze to maintain.

Wooden doors may warp and rot over time (as well as needing an annual coat of paint), but our Composite Doors in Kent are resilient and hardwearing. They do not rot or warp and there’s no need to repaint them. Just choose from our phenomenal array of colours and finishes and rest assured that your chosen look is made to last.

Composite Doors vs. uPVC Doors

What sets the Composite Door apart from its predecessor? uPVC is an excellent material and inexpensive too. Buy Right’s 100% lead-free Composite Doors combine all the energy saving and security enhancing benefits of uPVC Doors with the latest construction materials on the market today including:

  • Insulating Foam
  • Wood
  • GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic)
  • uPVC

Our top of the range combination of high-quality materials truly create a superior shield to the entrance of your property. The insulating foam core means our Composite Doors are capable of achieving A+14 energy ratings, providing greater thermal-resistance than uPVC and wooden doors. In other words, you will use less energy to keep your home warm, saving money long term with Buy Right’s long lasting Composite Doors.

Your security is our priority. You are protected from cold draughts, moisture, sound pollution and intruders with our intelligent uPVC Composite Door, keeping you safe and secure in your home all year round, year on year.

Singular material doors such as uPVC doors, whilst alone are a fantastic product, do not match up to the security you are given by our Liniar Composite Doors. This is why so many people today are choosing to make the worthwhile switch to Composite.

Why wait? Choose the perfect Composite Front Door for your home Today!

Obtain a free online quote for your new Composite Door now!

Composite Front Door Kent



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