Double Glazed Windows Tunbridge Wells

Double Glazed Windows Tunbridge Wells

Double Glazed Windows Tunbridge Wells

If you are looking to transform your Tunbridge Wells property, a beautiful new set of double glazed windows from Buy Right are the way to go. Our windows are made from the highest quality materials to ensure excellent performance all year around. All our window designs meet the highest standards of durability, security and energy efficiency, while also being low-maintenance and aesthetically pleasing.

Our Tunbridge Wells double glazed windows are as cost effective as it is high quality. With our friendly team on hand to fit your windows and help you through the process from start to finish, your experience will be as non-disruptive as possible. Our Liniar double glazing offers you a high quality product without breaking the bank.

Double Glazed windows Tunbridge Wells

Beautifully Styled Double Glazed Windows in Tunbridge Wells

Our double glazed windows are available in an assortment of colours, accessories and finishes. Hence you are bound to find the perfect window for your any home in Tunbridge Wells. Whether your home is rustic or more contemporary, we have a window for you. Our double glazed windows come in a variety of styles:

Casement Windows

These windows are a highly attractive window for any property because they are high performance and feature beautifully sleek sightlines. They create the perfect sleek and crisp aesthetic for any home.

Double Glazed windows Tunbridge Wells

Sliding Sash Window

If you are looking for the benefits of modern windows without sacrificing the traditional look of your home, these windows are perfect for you. With A-energy rating and thermally efficiency, these uPVC windows are far better at retaining heat than their timber counterparts.


Tilt and Turn Windows

This clever window design is the perfect marriage of ventilation and easy-maintenance. The vertical opening allows for a high level of air flow, while the horizontal opening allows for ease of cleaning. These windows are just as suited for a high-rise building as they are a bungalow.

Double Glazed windows Tunbridge Wells

French Casement Windows

These windows are the perfect way to let natural light into your home. Ideal for any property, these windows allow for a wide, unobstructed view of your garden. The flying mullion creates a near-seamless transition between inside and outside.

double glazed windows tunbridge wells

Tailored Double Glazed Windows in Tunbridge Wells

Our windows meet your size specifications, which means that no matter what size your home is, our windows are right for you. We carry a range of colours and also offer a bespoke selection. Our double glazed windows can be colour matched across our whole range to ensure a perfect match.

Thermally Efficient Double Glazed Windows in Tunbridge Wells

In addition to being incredibly cost-effective, our double glazed windows can save you money on your heating bill. We use a high performance multi-chambered profile in all of our products to help keep warm air trapped inside, while keeping cold air and draughts out. Additionally, our uPVC windows offer a transparent metallic coating to reflect heat from the sun into your home.

Our windows can also be engineered to meet an incredible A+12 Windows Energy Rating, which means incredible energy efficiency. This factor may make selling your Tunbridge Wells property easier as a buyer would have to complete fewer renovations to the home.

double glazed windows Tunbridge Wells

Secure Double Glazed Windows Tunbridge Wells

All our double glazed windows have been specially engineered to meet the highest standards of safety and security. Buy Right double glazed windows feature the most state of the art Yale multipoint locking systems for optimal protection that will not let you down long term. All of our products are made with high grade, inherently robust and durable uPVC, and are designed specifically to keep would-be intruders out.

Many of our double glazed windows have achieved accreditation from the Metropolitan Police’s Secured by Design initiative, which means you can be confident products have undergone meticulous crime prevention testing. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your property are safe and secure. Our Yale locks come with a 10 year mechanical guarantee, as well as a £1000 security guarantee should our product be found to be the entry point in a burglary.

Double Glazing Tunbridge Wells Prices

If this has piqued your interest and you would like to receive a free quote for one of our products, please visit our online quoting engine. A member of our experienced team will be on hand to deliver you a competitive price.

If you have any other questions regarding any of our products, please contact us and a member of our team would be happy to answer any of your queries.

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Double Glazed Doors Tunbridge Wells

Double Glazed Doors Tunbridge Wells

Double Glazed Doors Tunbridge Wells

Buy Right Windows offers double glazed doors to suit any Tunbridge Wells home and is the fore-runner in quality and cost-efficiency. We have the perfect door for any property with a broad range of styles and room for customisation.

Our double glazed doors are made by Liniar who are market leaders in quality and always deliver incredible performance. Whether you need a new front door or want to break down the barriers between home and garden with a bi-folding door, we have something for you.

Double Glazed Doors Tunbridge Wells

A Wide Range of Double Glazed Doors Tunbridge Wells

Our double glazed doors are available in a range of beautifully vibrant colours to suit existing fittings and to perfectly augment your home. Choose from a vast selection of available colours or woodgrain foils, as well as a choice of double glazing styles. Whether your home is a contemporary space or something more traditional, we are sure to have the door for you.

uPVC Doors

Whether you want something classic or a more modern style, you cannot go wrong with a Liniar uPVC door from Buy Right Windows. These double glazed doors are highly weatherproofed and offer great curb-side appeal.

Double Glazed Doors Tunbridge Wells

Composite Doors

A composite door is a great addition to any home as it consists of a timeless design and a robust finish. These double glazed  doors offer the outward appearance of timber, but with the energy efficiency and security of a modern door.

Double Glazed Doors Tunbridge Wells

Stable Doors

These double glazed doors are perfect as a replacement for older doors on a traditional home, or as a beautifully timeless accent to a more modern property. The doors open partly or wholly, perfect for families with children and offer excellent ventilation.

double glazed doors tunbridge wells

French Doors

These double glazed doors are the perfect way to create a near-seamless transition between your house and garden – or just between rooms! These doors let in a tremendous amount of natural light to make rooms appear more spacious and better illuminated.

Double Glazed Doors Prices Tunbridge Wells

Patio Doors

These double glazed doors are stylish and secure for modern or period properties. Our patio doors are both weather resistant and durable. These doors maximise space due to their sliding panels, ideal for smaller properties as well as bigger ones.

Double Glazed Doors Tunbridge Wells

Bi-Folding Doors

Our beautiful bi-folding doors are the perfect way to create a fluid transition between your home and your garden or to create an open plan home. Choose from a number of opening options and panel configurations to suit your needs and preferences.

Double Glazed Doors Tunbridge Wells

Secure Double Glazed Doors Tunbridge Wells

Naturally, one of the most important facets of a door is its security, and our double glazed doors are no exception. Our doors are precision engineered to be incredibly robust and enduring and are inherently sturdy.

We also fit our doors with state-of-the-art locking systems from Yale to ensure optimal safety and security. Our Yale locks come with a 10-year guarantee, so you can sit back and relax knowing that your home is safe for years to come.

Our doors have also undergone rigorous testing necessary to achieve Secured by Design accreditation. That means our doors have been proven to withstand physical attacks and other break-ins. With a door from Buy Right Windows, your home is your fortress.

Thermally Efficient Double Glazed Doors Tunbridge Wells

Thermal efficiency is great for the environment but for your wallet too. We use a Liniar multi-chambered profile, which traps warm air inside your home but keeps out draughts and cold air. Our doors maintain the warmth in your home and protect it from all that a British winter can throw at you.

Naturally, with all that hot inside your home, your heating bills will decrease noticeably. 30% of heat loss happens through thermally inefficient windows and doors.  Our double glazed doors are a cost-effective investment that will save you money long term. The uPVC profile is recyclable, which make them environmentally sustainable in addition to thermal efficient.

Double Glazed Doors Tunbridge Wells

Double Glazed Doors Prices Tunbridge Wells

We offer extremely competitive prices on our doors; for a free online quote, visit our online quoting engine and a friendly member of our experienced team will provide you with a quote to meet your specifications.

If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our staff are waiting on hand to help you with every step of the process.

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double glazing sittingbourne

Double Glazing Tunbridge Wells

Beautiful Double Glazing in Tunbridge Wells

New double glazing is the ideal Tunbridge Wells home improvements for a total transformation of your property.

Our windows and doors are exceptional, offering fantastic all round performance, as well as beautiful aesthetics which will enhance your home’s kerb appeal.

Tunbridge Wells double glazing from Buy Right is cost effective and high quality. Our expert team will install your new windows and doors to the very highest standards.

Our range is fantastic too, with plenty of choice so that you can find the perfect double glazing to reflect your tastes and complement the style of your property.

Read on to see the features and benefits of double glazing in Tunbridge Wells from Buy Right.

Quality Double Glazing from Liniar

We pride ourselves on offering the best windows and doors to our customers in Tunbridge Wells, which is why we work with Liniar. This cutting edge collection of double glazing offers affordable, high performance products.

Our stunning double glazing in Tunbridge Wells is incredibly impressive, it could even improve your property’s EPC rating, making your home more appealing should you ever wish to sell.

Protect Your Tunbridge Wells Home with Secure Double GlazingSecured by Design Double Glazing Chatham

All of our windows and doors meet the highest security standards. The uPVC profiles are internally reinforced, with minimal need for steel, making them robust and durable.

In addition to this, we fit our double glazing with state of the art Yale locking mechanisms, perfectly designed to offer high end, long term protection.

Many of our windows and doors are even Secured by Design accredited, confirming that they meet the stringent standards of this police initiative to create secure homes. Just look for the logo as you explore our website.

Unrivalled Thermal Performance from Liniar Double Glazing

Double glazing in Tunbridge Wells is specifically designed by Liniar to be thermally efficient. Using a combination of innovation and technology, our windows and doors are simply exceptional at keeping your home warm.

Even on the coldest of days, the mutli-chambered profiles and high performance glazing will work to trap heat within your property, and eliminate draughts, keeping you cosy and comfortable.

Our uPVC windows and doors are capable of an unrivalled Windows Energy Rating of A+12. With our double glazing, you can count on superb energy efficiency.Double Glazing Tunbridge

Choose Your Perfect Double Glazing in Tunbridge Wells

Our double glazing comes in many options for your Tunbridge Wells home improvements. This means that you are sure to find the exact match for your requirements.

Our windows and doors are tailored to you and your home, featuring a range of hardware options and accessories as well as the perfect colour match.

Choose from our lovely colour finishes, or perhaps our natural wood effect foils, to create a stylish look that ties in with your property’s character. You can enhance the look with our beautiful decorative glazing.

Take a look at the double glazing styles we offer in our summaries below:

uPVC Casement Windows

Casement windows are the perfect option for any home, complementing both modern architecture and traditional aesthetics.

Double Glazing Tunbridge Wells Catchment window

uPVC Sliding Sash Windows

Our sliding sash windows offer a great replacement option for period properties where replica designs are sought after.

Double Glazing Tunbridge Wells

uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows

The ultimate design for functionality combined with style, tilt and turn windows are ideal for upper floors and high rise properties.

Double Glazing Tunbridge Wells

uPVC French Casement Windows

These beautiful French casement windows will give your home a look of countryside charm, enhancing your property’s character.

french casement windows Tunbridge Wells

uPVC Doors

Our residential doors come in many spectacular panel designs to blend with your property, and are ideal as front doors and back doors.

Double Glazing Prices Tunbridge Wells

Composite Doors

All the beauty of timber with none of the effort, our composite doors are a spectacular choice for luxury double glazing.

double glazing tunbridge wells

Stable Doors

Our amazing stable doors create an entrance that is practical and charming all at the same time, creating character in your home.

double glazing tunbridge wells

French Doors

These elegant and beautiful French doors are so versatile, making them suitable as an entrance to your garden, patio or even balcony.

Double Glazing Prices Tunbridge Wells

Patio Doors

Our classical sliding doors are a popular choice, providing extensive views and an influx of natural light through grand panes of glass.Double Glazing Tunbridge Wells


Bi-Fold Doors

For a complete transformation, bi-fold doors are simply exquisite, offering a luxury entrance that opens your home to the outdoors.

Double Glazing Tunbridge Wells

Double Glazing Prices in Tunbridge Wells

Double glazing prices in Tunbrige wells can be tailored to any budget when you come to Buy Right for your home improvements.

Our quotes are superb, and easily accessible. Simply visit our online quoting engine, or contact us for further information and guidance on your Tunbridge Wells home improvements.

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uPVC Conservatories Tunbridge Wells

uPVC Conservatories Tunbridge Wells

Outstanding uPVC Conservatories in Tunbridge Wells

Creating extra space in your home is so easy when you choose uPVC conservatories in Tunbridge Wells.

These stunning conservatories offer the space and lifestyle that you would benefit from with an extension, but are far more cost effective and less disruptive.

Here at Buy Right, we are experts in uPVC conservatories, and will work with you from initial design through to after the installation to ensure that every aspect of your home improvements meet your needs.

Find out more in our handy guide to uPVC conservatories in Tunbridge Wells and discover the benefits and features of these stunning home improvements.

Thermally Efficient uPVC Conservatories for Year Round Living Space

Our uPVC conservatories in Tunbridge Wells are perfectly designed and constructed to provide year round living space.

You can enjoy your extra room on even the coldest of days, as there will be no draughts, cold spots and heat loss is minimised through the thermally efficient profiles.

In the summer, you can enjoy a comfortable breeze through the superb ventilation.

High Security uPVC Conservatories in Tunbridge Wells

Your new uPVC conservatory meets all the security standards set by our windows and doors. You can count on superior locking systems, as well as sturdy and robust profiles that will protect your home from even the most determined of potential intruders.

Our exceptional conservatories are built to the highest standards, making them secure and safe, and they can even withstand our harsh British weather conditions.

Tailored to Your Tastes – Perfectly Designed uPVC Conservatories

Our uPVC conservatories come in a range of stunning designs to meet your needs, all of which are completely tailored to your tastes.
You can choose from stunning decorative glazing, beautiful colour finishes and woodgrain foils, as well as a selection of hardware options and accessories.

Take a look at the summaries of our stunning conservatories below and see which one is the ideal match for your property and your tastes.

uPVC Victorian Consevatories

uPVC Victorian conservatories in Tunbridge Wells are one of the most sought after designs, thanks to the classical design. They are available in either a three facet or a five facet design, that gives beautiful all round views of your garden.

These uPVC conservatories have a wonderfully traditional finish which incorporates lovely finials and finishes. Every detail is simply exquisite, making them ideal for contemporary homes and period properties.

uPVC conservatory tunbridge wells

uPVC Edwardian Conservatories

For exceptional space and an elegant and minimalist design, our amazing Edwardian conservatories are a fantastic choice. They are created in a square or rectangular shape, providing you with practical floor space.

For uPVC conservatories that provide a variety of functional options, these beautiful and simple designs are a wonderful choice.

edwardian conservatory Tunbridge Wells

uPVC Gable Conservatories

If you are looking for uPVC conservatories that offer a luxury appearance, and really make a visual impact, then gable conservatories are the ideal choice. They combine the functionality of the Edwardian floor space and structure, with the spectacular beauty of a glass roof, replicating the end of a traditional house.

This stunning design draws the eye upwards and floods the room with light, creating a relaxing and charming space that is truly bright and airy.

uPVC Conservatories tunbridge wells

uPVC Lean-To Conservatories

No matter what space you have available in your home, a lean-to conservatory can turn it into a useful and enjoyable area. These cost effective conservatories are superb for terraced homes and properties with low eaves, as they are superbly versatile. They can even create the most incredible extensions to your living space.
Our lean-to conservatories are adaptable to your every need and are perfect for modern and traditional homes in Tunbridge Wells.

lean-to conservatory tunbridge wells

uPVC Bespoke Conservatories

uPVC conservatories in Tunbridge Wells come in a variety of styles and designs, however, if you are looking for something a little more special, or perhaps you have an awkward area in your garden that you want to make the most of, then our bespoke conservatories could be the perfect choice for your home improvements.

Bespoke conservatories are uniquely designed to meet your every requirement, and our designer will work with you to create the perfect match for your home and your needs.uPVC conservatories tunbridge wells

uPVC Conservatories Prices in Tunbridge Wells

uPVC conservatory prices in Tunbridge Wells are far more cost effective than brick built extensions, and you might be surprised at the low costs we offer at Buy Right.
Our conservatories are specifically designed to meet your needs and your budget.

Why not take a look at the costs involved with our online conservatories designer, or get in touch with our friendly team.

We are happy to help you with any uPVC conservatories queries you may have, and there is absolutely no obligations attached.

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uPVC Windows Tunbridge Wells

High quality uPVC windows for Tunbridge Wells home improvements

uPVC windows are a superb choice for your Tunbridge Wells home improvements, as they offer a whole host of benefits and features that will enhance your property.

When you replace your old and tired double glazing with stylish new uPVC windows with Buy Right Windows, you will enjoy a warmer and more secure home.

Our uPVC windows are truly exceptional, outclassing competitors in so many ways. They are a truly cost effective option, making your home improvements a brilliant long term investment that you will benefit from year after year.

Find out more in our guide to uPVC windows in Tunbridge Wells.

uPVC windows tunbridge wells


Restyle Your Tunbridge Wells Home with uPVC Windows

uPVC windows are so stylish. They come in a range of options, all of which can be customised to meet your needs and complement your home. Gone are the days of simple, white uPVC, our modern windows can look as traditional as timber or as modern as aluminium!

uPVC windows are ideal as you can choose from a range of colour finishes and woodgrain foils to create the perfect aesthetic for your Tunbridge Wells home.

For more privacy, or individuality, you can also choose from a wonderful selection of decorative glazing too.

Every detail is taken into account when you choose your new uPVC windows, right down to the hardware and accessories that create the perfect style for your home.

We offer the following uPVC windows styles in Tunbridge Wells, ensuring every type of property is catered for.

Casement Windows

Perfect for any style of home, our uPVC casement windows can equally appear traditional and classical as well as modern and sleek, simply with a few adaptations to the finish. They are one of the most popular uPVC window styles thanks to their versatility and beautiful appearance.

Sliding Sash Windows

Our traditional sliding sash windows are perfect for older homes, enhancing the character and charm of the property. They are based on a 19th Century style, yet are brought into the 21st Century with precision engineering and cutting-edge technology.

Tilt and Turn Windows

No other windows offer the same simple beauty and exceptional practicality of tilt and turn windows. They are perfect for hard to reach areas, such as upper floors or high rise properties, as they offer a range of safety features that are superb.

French Casement Windows

Your home can benefit from all the charm and grace of country cottages with our French casement windows. They will blend in with your property, enhancing its character, and they will also provide you with the most impressive and unrestricted views of the outdoors.

upvc windows tunbridge wells

High-Performance uPVC Windows in Tunbridge Wells

Looks aren’t the only important factor when choosing your new uPVC windows and doors, and with our range of double glazing from Liniar, you can expect high performance features too.

Our uPVC windows will keep your Tunbridge Wells home cosy and warm no matter how cold it is outside. They are cleverly designed with a multi-chambered profile and thermal dam to block cold air from entering your property as well as trapping warmth within.

They can achieve an outstanding Windows Energy Rating of A+12!

The benefits of this are extensive. Not only will you feel more comfortable as you relax in your home, but you may notice you use less heating to stay warm, which will result in lower energy costs.

Of course, as with every opening in your property, your windows need to provide impeccable security, keeping you safe and protected.

Liniar uPVC windows are constructed with hidden strengthening technology which helps to create an almost impenetrable frame, and we then enhance this with high-security Yale locking mechanisms, ensuring you are completely secure.

Our uPVC windows will give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy living in your Tunbridge Wells property, as you can be confident that you are truly safe and secure.

uPVC windows tunbridge wells

uPVC Window Guarantees

Our uPVC windows in Tunbridge Wells come with a fantastic 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee so that you can be sure your windows will last for many years.

We know that our uPVC windows are constructed using the most impressive engineering and with the very best materials available so that they will last the test of time, and we want you to be confident of that too. This is why our guarantee ensures that they will never warp, rot or fail.

uPVC Windows Prices Tunbridge Wells

uPVC windows prices need not be as expensive as you might think in Tunbridge Wells. Our double glazing is reasonably priced, offering superb value for money, and you can tailor your choices to suit your budget.

Visit our online window designer, create your ideal uPVC windows and find out the costs, or get in touch with our friendly team who will give you their expert advice and guidance for your Tunbridge Wells home improvements.

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uPVC Doors Tunbridge Wells

Choose stunning uPVC doors for your Tunbridge Wells home improvements

uPVC doors for your Tunbridge Wells home come in a range of stunning designs and styles, however, when you choose Buy Right Windows as your double glazing installer, they will also be high performance.

Our uPVC windows and doors are created using the Liniar profile, ensuring that they excel in all areas, from efficiency to security, giving you the best of everything.

You can choose from a range of front doors, back doors and sliding doors to meet your needs, and with our expert installation, you will benefit from superior replacement double glazing for your Tunbridge Wells home improvements.

Here at Buy Right Windows, we wanted to introduce our customers to our fantastic variety of uPVC doors and help you find inspiration for your home improvements. Read our handy guide to find out more.

upvc doors tunbridge wells

uPVC Doors for Any Tunbridge Wells Home

Our uPVC doors come in a range of styles for your home, take a look at our summaries to find the right one for you.

uPVC Doors

Perfect as front doors or back doors, our panel doors are a stylish home improvement. They come in a variety of designs so that you can find the perfect match for your property and your personal style. They are brilliant in all areas, making your home more efficient, secure and beautiful.

Composite Doors

Our incredible composite doors are a wonderful choice for traditional and authentic aesthetics. They have a natural-looking timber finish and come in a range of characterful designs to complement your property’s style. They are high performance, offering incredible insulation and security.

Stable Doors

Add an element of the countryside to your home, with our charming, yet practical uPVC stable doors. These lovely doors will enhance the character of your property, and will give you great access to safe ventilation.

French Doors

Our elegant and stylish French doors are a brilliant option for creating an entrance to your garden or balcony. They are versatile and create a graceful beauty in your home with a feature door that also enables easy access to the outdoors.

Patio Doors

Traditional in appearance, but state of the art in performance, our patio doors combine all the best features of classic design and modern technology. You will benefit from fantastic views and natural light flooding into your home with these uPVC doors.

Bi-Fold Doors

One of the most sought after home improvements in Tunbridge Wells, bi-fold doors create an exquisite feature in your home that gives you seamless access to your outside space. They are superb for parties and family gatherings, uniting your home and garden into one combined living area.

upvc doors tunbridge wells

Tailored uPVC Doors to Suit You

Our uPVC doors can be tailored to your tastes and personality with a range of options. You can select from one of our many colour finishes or woodgrain foils to add character and individuality.

Our panel doors can be enhanced with decorative glazing, creating more privacy and a unique aesthetic, and all of our doors come with hardware options and accessories for you to choose from.

uPVC doors from Buy Right Windows will be the perfect match for your Tunbridge Wells home and will reflect your personality in style.

High-Performance uPVC Doors in Tunbridge Wells

Of course, looks aren’t everything, and our uPVC doors are also superb when it comes to performance too.

Your new doors are crafted with the Liniar multi-chambered profile, ensuring unrivalled thermal performance. They chambers trap air to create a thermal barrier which keeps warmth within your home and blocks cold air outside.

Every uPVC door also features the most innovative weather protection technology. With our turbulent winter storms, keeping your property safe from the elements is vital, and our uPVC doors can stand up to even the worst of the British weather!

Our uPVC doors are internally reinforced to provide excellent protection against physical attacks. We then install the very best locking systems from Yale as standard. This ensures that you and your family are thoroughly protected from potential intruders.

In fact, many of our uPVC doors are Secured by Design accredited, ensuring that they have achieved the most stringent expectations of this Police initiative. Look out for the symbol as you explore our website, or speak to our advisors for more information.

upvc doors tunbridge wells

uPVC Door Prices Tunbridge Wells

Our uPVC doors prices in Tunbridge Wells are fantastic, and you can easily see how great they are with our online door designer.

Simply pick from the huge range of options available and create the perfect door to meet your every requirement and your budget!

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uPVC Windows Sittingbourne

uPVC Windows Sittingbourne

Incredible uPVC Windows in Sittingbourne

New uPVC windows can really refresh your Sittingbourne home. They offer a beautiful appearance coupled with improved efficiency and security, making them an extremely cost effective home improvement.

Here at Buy Right, we offer a range of high quality uPVC windows to our Sittingbourne customers. These stylish windows are crafted to the highest standards and will enhance your home in countless ways.

Choose from our range of uPVC windows styles and create a whole new look for your Sittingbourne property! Whether your home is traditional or contemporary, we have the perfect match for you.

Read on to find out about the features and benefits of new uPVC windows in Sittingbourne and how they could enhance your home.

Fantastic Thermal Performance

Whichever uPVC window you choose from our range, your Sittingbourne home will benefit from superior energy efficiency. We work with the innovative double glazing manufacturer Liniar to provide uPVC windows that excel when it comes to thermal performance.

Every window is fitted with exceptional double glazing to maximise the thermal qualities of the design, however, the true innovation lies in the uPVC profile.

Liniar uPVC windows are constructed with an exclusive multi-chambered profile which acts as a thermal barrier, blocking out the cold and trapping heat. You will find that your home is so much warmer for longer with our uPVC windows, you will even use less heating and so save on your energy bills!

Our uPVC windows are at the height of design and incorporate the very latest advances in double glazing technology to ensure your Sittingbourne home is cosy and comfortable.uPVC Windows Sittingbourne

Unrivalled Security

With uPVC windows from Buy Right, you can count on superb security. We understand just how important home protection is to Sittingbourne homeowners, so we ensure that all of our windows perform to the highest standards.

The clever design that makes our uPVC windows so energy efficient, also makes them superior in strength. This combined with the reinforcing we build into the frames creates a uPVC window that provides an outstandingly robust opening to your home.

Our uPVC windows are all fitted with the very latest high security locking mechanisms from Yale too. This ensures that your Sittingbourne home is almost impossible to break into and that you and your family are thoroughly protected.Yale uPVC Windows

Designed to Meet Your Needs

uPVC windows used to be available in white and nothing else, however, our modern double glazed windows can be tailored to suit your Sittingbourne home and your tastes. Each window is available in a range of tasteful colours and authentic woodgrain foils so that you can get just the right look for your property.

In addition to this, we offer a wide range of decorative glazing options, including obscured glass for extra privacy. Our uPVC windows can be enhanced with hardware and accessories too, making them completely customisable.

Take a look at our uPVC window summaries below and see which style is right for your Sittingbourne home.

uPVC Casement Windows

Our amazing uPVC casement windows are Secured by Design accredited, giving you complete peace of mind. The stylish and sophisticated design is completely timeless and will suit any type of Sittingbourne property. They are one of the most versatile designs and complement all styles and tastes.uPVC Windows Sittingbourne

uPVC Sliding Sash Windows

Our uPVC sash windows are an elegant choice for your home. They offer authentic heritage styling, making them ideal for period homes. They can also be used in modern properties to add character and charm. They combine all the elements of traditional design with the latest advances in technology to create a stunning high performance uPVC window.Sliding Sash Windows Sittingbourne

uPVC Tilt and Turn Window

The most practical and versatile window of them all, the uPVC tilt and turn window is a brilliant choice for hard to reach areas. Perhaps you live in a high rise property, or you have awkward upper windows, our uPVC tilt and turn windows will be ideal. They are so stylish and yet they offer safe ventilation and unrivalled easy access to the outside.Tilt and Turn Windows Sittingbourne

uPVC French Casement Windows

For beautiful country style, our uPVC French casement windows are the very best option. You will enjoy extensive, uninterrupted views thanks to the floating central mullion, and a pretty, charming look for your Sittingbourne home. Our uPVC French casement windows can also act as an emergency exit under certain circumstances.french casement windows sittingbourne

uPVC Window Prices, Sittingbourne

There are so many features and benefits to our uPVC windows, why not get in touch to find out more? Our friendly team are here to help with any questions you may have and can also provide expert advice for your Sittingbourne home improvements.

Our online quoting engine allows you can get an instant, personalised uPVC windows price in a matter of minutes, and we are sure you’ll be pleased with our competitive double glazing quotes in Sittingbourne.

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Conservatory Styles in Chatham

Conservatory Styles in Chatham

Nothing enhances your lifestyle like a gorgeous uPVC conservatory.  You can benefit from additional space without all the disruption that comes with an extension when you choose a new conservatory from Buy Right Windows.

Our conservatories are available in a range of styles, designed to suit any style of home.  Each one is customised to suit the space you have available and your own personal tastes, making them the perfect fit for your home.

You will benefit from a thermally efficient extra room that you can use all year round, and the versatility of our conservatories means that they can be used for virtually any purpose.

Quality Conservatory by Design

Our team will design your conservatory so that it is the perfect fit for your home, ensuring that every detail is taken into account.  You will be able to enjoy your new space in no time at all, delighting in its practicality and performance.conservatory Chatham

Outstanding Conservatory Installation

When we install your conservatory, we will ensure that every last detail is correct.  This means that there will be no leaks and no draughts, giving you a high performance living area.

Our team are motivated and they are perfectionists, highly trained, they will take pride in ensuring that your conservatory installation meets the highest of standards.

Of course, they are all safety conscious, so disruption will be kept to a minimum and they will ensure that tools and materials are not left lying around as trip hazards or even temptations for inquisitive little fingers.

When installation is complete, they will leave your home clean and tidy, just as they found it.

The Very Best in Conservatory Design

Our conservatories use the most innovative advances in design to ensure that the new structure is highly thermally efficient and superbly secure.

The clever construction will mean that in the cold winter, your conservatory will be comfortable and cosy, with heat loss minimised through our energy efficient design.  In the summer sun, your new conservatory will be easily and efficiently ventilated, meaning you will never be too hot when enjoying your new space.

Conservatory Designs in Chatham

We offer a range of conservatory designs, all of which can be customised to suit your needs.  Whether you want a woodgrain finish, so that your uPVC conservatory emulates traditional timber, or perhaps a tasteful colour that reflects your personality, these things are all possible.

Victorian Conservatory

The Victorian conservatory is the traditional design that most people imagine when they think of conservatories.  It has a beautiful shape that creates a stylish look for your new space.  Neat and elegant, it offers a traditional appearance that will suit most properties.victorian conservatory Chatham

Edwardian Conservatory

Our Edwardian conservatories are perfect for when you want to maximise the space available.  They come in a rectangular or square shape, enabling you to utilise every corner.  These conservatories make ideal dining rooms or lounge areas.edwardian conservatory Chatham

Gable End Conservatory

The gable end conservatory is the pinnacle of grand design.  They are created using either a Victorian or Edwardian base structure, then topped with a high apex roof that is much like the gable end of a house.  This gives you a beautiful design that maximises natural light and creates a unique and stunning feature.gable conservatory Chatham

Lean To Conservatory

Our lean-to conservatories are perfect for when you have a low roof, or perhaps limited space.  Designed to lean against the property, they make the most of any area and are great for bungalows or properties with low eaves.  Practical and beautiful, the lean-to conservatory suits any home.lean-to conservatory Chatham

Bespoke Conservatory

When none of our standard designs are quite right, you can pick and choose elements of each one to create your perfect bespoke conservatory.  Perhaps you have an awkward space, or perhaps you simply like the design features of one style and the shape of another, whatever the reason, a bespoke conservatory is the perfect choice.bespoke conservatory Chatham

Conservatory Prices, Chatham

Use our online quoting engine to get a free, instant and competitive conservatory price.

We are proud to be able to offer great conservatory prices to our Chatham customers.  We are incredibly competitive and our conservatories offer a cost effective alternative to a time-consuming extension.  Contact us and we will be able to discuss your requirements for your new conservatory as well as provide you with a free, no obligation quote.

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uPVC Doors Chatham

uPVC Doors, Chatham

uPVC Doors, Chatham

You can buy quality uPVC doors for homes in Chatham from Buy Right Windows.  Our customer service is outstanding, we are here to help you every step of the way in your home improvements.

Our uPVC doors are simply amazing.  We supply and install a wide range of styles, all of which can be customised to ensure they are the perfect match for your tastes and your home.  Whether you need a new front door, or you want to enhance your lifestyle with a sliding door, we have a great selection for you to choose from.

Only the Best for Your Chatham HomeLiniar Double Glazed Windows

Here at Buy Right Windows, we only offer our customers the very best double glazing products on the market.  Our uPVC doors are manufactured by the market leading company Liniar meaning that they offer exceptional performance in all areas, from efficiency to durability and security.

Innovative uPVC Door Frame

The innovative Liniar uPVC door frame uses the most cutting edge technology to create a product that truly excels.  It is designed to provide immense durability, giving you many years of incredible performance, making these double glazed doors incredibly cost effective.  Liniar use the highest grades of materials and 21st Century design to ensure that their door frames outclass the rest.

Outstanding Chatham Home SecurityYale Double Glazed Doors

When it comes to home security, our uPVC doors are unrivalled.  Designed to be incredibly strong, using clever internal strengthening technology, these doors are wonderfully robust.

When you combine this with the state of the art locking system from Yale, you can be confident that our uPVC doors will keep your family and home protected.

In fact, the extreme security offered by our double glazed doors is of such a high standard, that they have been awarded Secured by Design accreditation.  This police preferred specification means that our doors have been rigorously tested against the most intense physical attacks and have performed exceptionally well.

Intelligently Designed Thermal Efficiency

We all know that thermal efficiency is not only good for our home, but also for the environment, so we can assure you that our double glazed doors offer superb thermal performance.  Using the revolutionary Liniar multi-chambered design, they offer outstanding energy efficiency.

These incredible doors have integral size-optimised chambers that break up mini-convection currents and trap in pockets of warm air. When this aspect is combined with superior weather gaskets, a thermal dam and a high quality uPVC profile, you will feel the immense benefit.  Not only will your home be warmer for longer, but as that warmth is trapped within your property, you will use less heating which in turn, will lower your energy bills.

Get the Perfect uPVC Door for Your Chatham Property

We offer a range of styles of uPVC doors for your Chatham home.  You can personalise each one with a variety of glazing options and a range of colours and woodgrain foils, making these doors the perfect choice for your home.

uPVC Doors

Whether you are looking for a front door, or a back door, our uPVC doors are perfect.  They come in a range of panel designs, meaning that you can select the exact door to match your tastes and your home.Front Door Chatham

Stable Doors

Our uPVC stable doors offer a versatile back door solution, enabling you to have access to ventilation while still keeping your young children and pets safe.  They add an element of country charm to any home.Double Glazed Door Chatham

French Doors

When you want an entrance to your garden that oozes style, then our uPVC French doors are for you.  Extensive glass areas ensure that your home is flooded with natural light all year round, making this door a truly delightful choice.Double Glazed French Doors Chatham

Patio Doors

The floor to ceiling glass and smooth gliding operation of our uPVC patio doors is second to none.  You will benefit from stunning views of your garden all year round and easy access, perfect for entertaining.Double Glazed Patio Doors Chatham

Bi-Folding Doors

Our bi-fold doors offer the ultimate in luxury.  Creating a complete wall of glass, these stunning sliding doors will enhance not only your home, but your lifestyle too.  You will delight in the connection between your indoor and outdoor living spaces, giving you a truly wonderful area to enjoy.Double Glazed Bi-Fold Doors Chatham

uPVC Doors Prices, Chatham

Our uPVC door prices in Chatham are highly competitive, as we like to ensure that our customers get the best value for money when it comes to their home improvements.  It’s so easy to get a double glazed door quote from us too, simply visit our online quote calculator, enter your specifications, and your will receive a virtually instant, personalised price.  Try it now!

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Double Glazed Windows Tunbridge Wells

uPVC Windows, Kent

uPVC Windows, Kent

Buy Right Windows are proud to offer exceptional Liniar uPVC windows to homes throughout Kent. You can enhance the beauty of your home with replacement double glazing and create a stunning, refreshed look. Our windows are available in a variety of styles and designs to suit your home and they all offer exceptional performance.

Exceptional Range of uPVC Windows Styles

When you are looking for replacement windows styles, Buy Right Windows are able to provide a wide range of designs so you can find the perfect windows for your home.

All of our uPVC windows are available in a variety of profile colours that will accentuate the appearance of your Kent property. In addition to this, you can customise them further with a vast array of decorative glazing options.

We have summarised the available styles below, giving you a brief insight into each design.uPVC Windows Kent

Casement Windows

Our uPVC casement windows offer a clean, crisp finish for your property, giving contemporary styling that can blend in with any type of home. Whatever era your property comes from, the beautiful double glazed casement window will enhance its architecture and give it a polished and neat appearance.

Sliding Sash Windows

If you are looking for period charm, be that for an older home, or something more modern, then the uPVC sash window is the perfect choice. These superb windows replicate 19th Century looks and add character to any property. You can enhance their traditional appearance with a range of optional accessories, creating a truly period feature window.

Tilt and Turn Windows

uPVC tilt and turn windows offer superb functionality combined with stylish looks. Designed to maximise the potential of difficult to reach areas, such as upper floors or high rise buildings, these replacement windows provide easy access for cleaning as well as supremely safe ventilation. They are also capable of offering an emergency exit, keeping your family safe.

French Casement Windows

Stylish and chic, uPVC French casement windows add a delightful European charm to your home, enabling you to enjoy extensive outside views that are uninterrupted when the windows are fully open. They are a wonderfully charming replacement double glazing option and will enhance the character of your property.

Supreme Energy Efficiency

Our range of uPVC windows are created using Liniar’s innovative design, meaning that they have a multi-chambered uPVC profile. This revolutionary profile offers supreme energy efficiency as it works to retain your home’s warmth and exclude draughts. The benefit of this is that your home is kept warmer for longer, and therefore you use less heating which results in lower energy bills.

When you choose our energy efficient double glazed windows for your Kent property, you will be enhancing the thermal performance of your home and lowering your carbon footprint, which is great for the environment.uPVC Windows Kent

Environmentally Friendly uPVC Windows

Of course, it is not only your lower carbon footprint that makes these stunning windows eco-friendly. They are in fact designed to be completely recyclable and 100% lead-free, meaning that your impact on the environment is minimised. Caring for the environment is a vital consideration when undertaking home improvements these days, and you can be reassured that by choosing our uPVC windows, you are helping the world become more eco-friendly.

Exceptional SecurityuPVC Window Secured by Design Kent

Any opening to your home is a security risk, but with our double glazed windows, you can be sure of superb protection. Every uPVC window in our range is fitted with high-security Yale Lockmaster multipoint locking mechanisms. These state of the art locks are renowned for being virtually impenetrable, and offering exceptional levels of protection.

These impressive locking systems are so incredibly secure that they have been awarded Secured by Design accreditation, meaning that they are the police preferred option when it comes to windows security.

Your Kent home and your family within will be well protected with these superb locking systems.

uPVC Windows Prices in Kent

You might expect that all these benefits make our uPVC windows in Kent incredibly expensive, however, they are in fact superbly cost effective. Buy Right Windows offer highly competitive double glazed windows prices to our Kent customers, and we want to ensure you get fantastic value for money from your replacement double glazing.

Why not visit our online quote calculator where you can get a virtually instant double glazed windows quote? Simply enter your specifications, and our clever system will provide you with a uPVC windows price tailored to you.

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double glazing tunbridge wells

Double Glazing Sittingbourne

Double Glazing Sittingbourne

Are you looking at expert double glazing for your Sittingbourne home? There’s no need to worry yourself with complicated installations and quotations – here at Buy Right Windows, we make buying double glazing an easy and enjoyable process. We are certified by Certass, to reassure you that our products are sold based on premium quality for you.

Whether you’re looking to buy double glazing in the form of windows, doors, or conservatories, we have your needs covered, with an extensive range of products and styles to suit you and your Sittingbourne home.

Windows with Double Glazing for your Sittingbourne Home

Here at Buy Right Windows, we specialise in well-made, impressive double glazed windows.

We are proud to use Liniar uPVC windows due to their impeccable design and multi-chambered technology which gives fantastic insulation against the colder months we are now experiencing. Our double glazing is certified safe and secure for your home.

We have a range of window styles to suit you, giving you an excellent choice for your Sittingbourne home’s double glazing.

Casement Windows

For a simple, yet beautiful design, you should take a look at our casement windows.

These bespoke double glazed windows have stainless steel friction stays, enhancing security and keeping your family safe and sound.

Casement Window Kent

Tilt & Turn Windows

Do you find cleaning your windows awkward and tricky?

These Tilt and Turn windows make cleaning your double glazing easy, while maintaining safe, secure ventilation techniques.

They also have the added bonus of a continuous rebate gasket, a top of the range seal which stops pesky condensation and improves sound-proofing qualities.Tilt and Turn Windows Kent

French Casement Windows

French Casement windows should be your optimum choice if your Sittingbourne home has a traditional country cottage home feel to it.

These double glazed windows open up to 90˚ wide, creating extra light while also making them Part B compliant – meaning they qualify as a fire escape.french casement windows Kent

Sliding Sash Windows

Sliding sash windows are also a great option for a traditional home, having the effect of wooden sash windows.

Our double glazed Sliding Sash windows have an air of traditional aesthetics about them, while using uPVC technology to make them more energy efficient and diminish any concern of rot or warping.Sliding Sash Windows Kent

We Have a Range of Doors with Double Glazing to Suit You

Looking for double glazing doors for your Sittingbourne home?  We have a range for you that will suit cottages, castles, apartments or bungalows – where ever you live, we can find the perfect door for your Kent home. Our doors are also Secured by Design, meaning they are certified by the police as safe against potential break-ins.

uPVC Doors

Our uPVC doors are perfect for your double glazing needs, with outer frame profiles featuring double rebated designs – these are specially manufactured to prevent the effects of those cold British winters.

Keep warm this winter with one of our thermally efficient uPVC doors, and watch your heating bills drop before your eyes.Double Glazed Doors Sittingbourne

Composite Doors

Seeking a more robust, sturdy option?

Our composite doors are for you, with timeless designs specified for your Sittingbourne home, plus high security from the highly regarded locksmith Yale.

Feel safe at night with one of our composite doors which feature fantastic double glazed panelling.Double Glazed Composite Doors Sittingbourne

French Doors

Want to add a continental feel to your Sittingbourne property?

French doors act as excellent room dividers, using advanced Italian ‘Dynamic 2D’ hinges which offer durability as well as an aesthetic slimline design.

Our stunning French Doors are also accredited by Kitemark, certifying our double glazing French doors as safe against potential break-ins or threats. Double Glazed French Doors Sittingbourne

Patio Doors

We have a wonderful selection of double glazing patio doors, perfect if you’re looking to link your kitchen or living room to an outside area.

If you’re concerned about your new double glazed patio doors being child-friendly, there’s no need to worry – our locking mechanisms are designed with
children in mind, using a ‘finger-traps-free’ design to protect your little ones from any misfortunes.Double Glazed Patio Doors

Bi-Folding Doors

Need to create the illusion of more space without the added expense of extending your property?

By joining two rooms with one of our double glazed bi-folding doors, you can save thousands on renovations, but still gain extra space and light for your Sittingbourne property.Double Glazed Bi-Fold Doors Sittingbourne

Choose from our Extensive Range of Conservatories with Double Glazing

Perhaps you’re looking at our luxury double glazing conservatory range?

Here at Buy Right Windows we specialise in luxurious conservatories and orangeries for your Sittingbourne home, and we are excited to help you make a choice based on the unique personality of your home.

Victorian Conservatories

Choose a double glazed Victorian conservatory, for exceptional depth and direction. Views from Victorian conservatories are some of the very best, as you achieve a great view from wherever you’re sitting due to its unusual octagonal structure.

victorian conservatory Sittingbourne

Edwardian Conservatories

For classic, traditional conservatories, an Edwardian style is for you.

With a generous floor plan, this is the choice for anyone with a larger property or someone seeking more space and character in their double glazed conservatory.edwardian conservatory Sittingbourne

Gable Conservatories

Gable conservatories have the added benefit of a high-angled roof which is designed to amplify light and space in your Sittingbourne home. These are an excellent choice for bright, welcoming conservatories, perfect for parties and entertaining guests.

gable conservatory Sittingbourne

Lean-To Conservatories

Lean-to conservatories are a great cost-effective option if you’re concerned about price, and also if you’re unsure whether a double glazed conservatory would work with your property.

The lean-to style is even great for bungalows and terraced houses, as they are easily adaptable for a range of properties.

lean-to conservatory Sittingbourne

Bespoke Conservatories

If none of these jump out at you for your Sittingbourne home, we can create a tailor-made conservatory specifically designed for you.

Ideal for bigger properties and homes with a unique housing space, get in touch with us today and we can talk through a design process with you.bespoke conservatory Sittingbourne

Double Glazing Prices, Sittingbourne

Excited to pick double glazing for your Sittingbourne home? Fantastic. Get an online quote immediately or contact us today and we’ll be happy to talk through our products in more detail with you.

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Double Glazing Tunbridge Wells Catchment window

Double Glazed Windows, Kent

Our Double Glazed Windows are a beautiful way to enhance your home in Kent. Featuring a standard of performance and quality that excels in all areas, these double glazed windows are guaranteed to be an incredibly welcome addition to any home. Be the envy of your neighbours, with Buy Right Windows.

Available as Casement Windows, Sliding Sash Windows, Tilt and Turn Windows and French Casement Windows, our double glazed windows are sure to fit perfectly into your own personal tastes.

The Best Double Glazed Windows for Your Kent Property

Liniar Double Glazed Windows Liniar Double Glazed Windows

Our whole Double Glazed Windows selection features the uPVC frame from Liniar. The only uPVC profile to have been designed in the 21st century, the Liniar window is yet to be matched in the standards of quality it achieves and the amount of customer satisfaction it offers.

The result of a 100% lead-free manufacturing process and accompanied by a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee, the Liniar profile offers peace of mind across the board. Not only will you be guaranteed against warping, discolouring or cracking for 10 years after installation, you’ll also be comforted by the knowledge that you won’t be harming the environment with your purchase.

Yale Kent Home SecurityYale Double Glazed Windows Kent

We understand the security of your Kent home is of the utmost importance, which is why we fit the unbeatable Yale shootbolt locking systems throughout our whole Double Glazed Windows range. These are then combined with robust stainless steel friction stays which are tested to 20,000 cycles to ensure the highest standards of security available.

We also cover all of our Yale locks with 10-year mechanical guarantees and £1,000 security guarantee that completely covers your Yale lock for up to 10 years after is installation. Also, in the highly unlikely event that your Kent home is broken into thanks the failing of a Yale lock, you can also receive up to £1,000 towards your home contents insurance.

Energy Efficiency to Enhance Your Home in Kent

Our Double Glazed Windows also feature multiple chambers that work together to efficiently break up mini-convection currents and trap in pockets of warm air. What does this mean for your Kent property? It means that its level of heat retention will be greatly increased and you’ll be able to enjoy a warmer home.

Increased heat retention brings with it many benefits for Kent homeowners, including reduced heating costs and increased home comfort. By trapping pockets of warm air, your home will not only become warmer but it will stay warmer for a longer period of time. Enjoy more, with Buy Right Windows.

Double Glazed Window Selection in Kent

Casement Windows

A classic and elegant option for all homeowners, our Casement Windows combine a wide range of features and benefits with simple and efficient functionality, these double glazed windows are a beautiful all-rounder for any Kent property.

Consisting of a wonderful hand finished design, these Double Glazed Windows combine durable hardware, high weather resistance, a 10-year guarantee and a chamfered rebate to achieve exceptional levels of performance and aesthetic.Casement Window Kent

Sliding Sash Windows

Exuding a traditional character and charm, all of our Sliding Sash Windows allow Kent property owners the opportunity to enhance the classic aesthetic of their home without having to miss out on any of the benefits of modern window design.

Whilst effortlessly capturing a look that has been loved for generations, these double glazed windows also offer exceptional thermal efficiency and a wide range of colour and glazing options to ensure you get the perfect look for your Kent home. Sliding Sash Windows Kent

Tilt and Turn Windows

Offering the classic look of the casement window, tilt and turn double glazed windows offer a unique standard of functionality that offers lockable ventilation. The ability to ‘tilt’ the window on 90° angle means that you’ll be able to enjoy increased air-flow without releasing the locking mechanism and therefore without reducing security.

Fitted with the ‘FerGuard Silver’ surface coating as well as a completely uninterrupted seal, you’ll be able to enjoy protection against rotting and fading, you’ll also enjoy protection against the infamously adverse British weather.Tilt and Turn Kent

French Casement Windows

Bring a cultural flair to your Kent property with French casement windows, a double glazed windows design that brings a wonderful harmony between function and form. These windows boast a wonderfully classic look whilst offering unobstructed views and an unrestricted opening thanks to their flying mullion.

These double glazed windows are able to be used as a fire escape in the case of an emergency, and are also available in a wide range of colours and designs to ensure that you’ll not only feel safe with our French Casement Windows, you’ll also be completely satisfied with how they look. french casement windows Kent

Double Glazed Windows in Kent

Got your heart set on our double glazed windows? All you have to do is use our free, instant online quoting engine to get your ideal double glazed windows price in no time.

Alternatively, if you still require more information you are more than welcome to get in touch with us via our online enquiry form. We’ll always be able to help you with any enquiries you may have.

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double glazing sittingbourne

Double Glazed Doors, Kent

By choosing our double glazed doors you’ll be able to enjoy the very best in door design, enhance your Kent home across the board. By bringing an unbeatable standard of thermal efficiency, security and durability.

Our double glazed doors available in a wide range of designs including uPVC Doors, Composite Doors, Stable Doors, French Doors, Patio Doors and Bi-Folding Doors. Don’t settle for less, with Buy Right.

Double Glazed Doors That Will Transform Your Kent Home

Liniar Double Glazed Doors Liniar Double Glazed Doors

We are proud to offer double glazed doors that feature the unbeatable uPVC frame from Liniar. Built from the only uPVC profile design to have arisen from the 21st century, Liniar double glazed doors are fully in keeping with modern standards and excel in all areas.

Yale Kent Home SecurityYale uPVC Doors Maidstone

Bring world-class security to your Kent property with our outstanding Yale locking systems. Combining high-security shootbolts with mushroom headed steel cams, the Yale locking system is the smartest choice for protecting your Kent home. Keep you, your family and your property safe with Buy Right double glazed doors.

Thermally Efficient Double Glazed Doors

The multi-chambered profile used during our Double Glazed Door manufacture is designed to keep your house warm, even in the harshest of winter months. The chambers work together in order to break up mini-convection currents and trap in pockets of warm air. Increase the comfort of your home, with this double glazed door design.

Double Glazed Doors in Kent

uPVC Doors

Designed to impress, all of our uPVC Doors are available as both front doors and back doors. Operating as either a wonderful focal point that is the envy of your neighbours or as a reliable back door that brings complete peace of mind, you won’t have to worry with our uPVC doors.

Achieving a Secured by Design accreditation, our Double Glazed Doors have proven themselves to hold steadfast against an exhaustive and intense testing process put in place by the police themselves. Crime prevention is not a problem, with Buy Right.Double Glazed Doors

Composite Doors

Composite doors are an incredibly modern design, which consists of cherry-picking the very best qualities of a range of materials and combining them to create the ultimate double glazed door design. They echo the beautiful look of timber so you enhance your Kent home with a classic look.

They offer outstanding levels of thermal efficiency, inherent security and weather-proofing while allowing you to it all with minimal maintenance. Enjoy the best, without the chores.   Double Glazed Doors

Stable Doors

Exuding a beautiful country charm, our Stable Doors offer a wonderfully timeless and traditional design that will enable all homeowners the chance to enhance their Kent properties with a period charm. They can easily be fitted into both contemporary and traditional Kent homes.

A wonderful unique design, the stable door features two sashes that can operate autonomously from each other, which allows for an increased standard of functionality. This allows Kent homeowners to enjoy increased views and air flow without compromising on security of the safety of their loved ones.Double Glazed Doors

French Doors

French doors allow all Kent homeowners to bring a sense of continental flair to their property. They feature a flying mullion that eliminates the need for a door fixture upon opening and therefore results in unrestricted views and unobstructed access. When combined with our low thresholds, you’ll be able to enjoy maximum accessibility into your Kent home.

Featuring high-security shootbolt locks and a kitemark certified standard of security, our French Doors are not only wonderful to look at, they will also bring you peace of mind via outstanding standards of security.Double Glazed Doors

Patio Doors

Patio doors are a fantastically practical design that enable increased standards of space and natural light allowance. The intelligently designed sliding mechanism eliminates the need for swing space and therefore maximises the space in which any room that they are installed in.

They also feature a ‘finger-traps-free’ design which will remove any worry you may have about your little-loved ones getting their fingers hurt during door operation. Not only do we keep in mind the quality of your doors, we keep in mind the safety of your loved ones.  Double Glazed Doors

Bi-Folding Doors

An elegant yet sophisticated double glazed door design, bi-fold doors combine contemporary design, concealed hardware and ultra slim sightlines to offer a standard of double glazed doors that will completely enhance your Kent property.

Versatile by design, you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of fitting options, including panel number and opening options, to ensure that when fitted, our Double Glazed Doors are sure to be the perfect fit for your home. Double Glazed Doors

Double Glazed Door Prices

Found your perfect double glazed doors? All you have to do is visit our free, instant online quoting engine in order to find your perfect double glazed door price. You won’t have to worry about dissatisfaction with Buy Right.

If you’re still unsure, all you have to do is get in contact with us via our online enquiry form. Here, a member of our friendly team will always be on hand to help you with any problems you may have.

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Double Glazed Doors Tunbridge Wells

uPVC Doors, Maidstone

Our uPVC Doors have proved themselves, time and time again, to be an exceptional addition to any Maidstone property. They all achieve a sensational level of quality and performance, and offer unbeatable standards of security, thermal efficiency and durability. Outfit your Maidstone property with the best, today.

Available in a wide range of styles and designs, our uPVC doors are here to cater for you. Our designs include Composite Doors, French Doors, uPVC Bi-Fold Doors, Stable Doors and Front Door and Back Door options.

Market-Leading uPVC DoorsLiniar uPVC doors Maidstone

Looking for the best in uPVC Doors design? Look no further. Here at Buy Right, all of our uPVC doors are manufactured using the market-leading uPVC profile from Liniar.

The Liniar profile is the only uPVC profile to have been designed in the 21st century, and therefore completely sets the standard for contemporary uPVC Doors quality. This means that all of our uPVC doors benefit from the most up-to-date technological advancements.

uPVC Doors That Secure Your Maidstone HomeYale uPVC Doors Maidstone

Ensuring Maidstone home security, the Liniar uPVC doors profile contains integrated reinforcement. This consists of internal structures that work together to greatly increase inherent robustness and rigidity. This means that at a base level, our uPVC doors simply offer more protection for your Maidstone property.

This integrated reinforcement is then combined with the world-class locking system from Yale. These locks consist of a high security, shootbolt locking system. When combined, these features are the only way to ensure complete protection for your Maidstone home security.

To ensure peace of mind further for all Maidstone homeowners, our uPVC doors are accompanied by an approval from Secured by Design (SBD). This SBD approval has been gained via exceptional product security, which has been confirmed by the comprehensive testing from the SBD’s police backed scheme.

Keep Warm & Save Money, With Our uPVC Doors

Is your Maidstone home full of draughts? Not sure if you’re getting your money’s worth with your heating? Our uPVC doors can solve these problems, and more. Their innovative multi-chambered design allows our uPVC doors to greatly increase the heat retention of your home, and will keep you warm and cosy throughout the year.

Inside all of our uPVC doors are size-optimised chambers that break up mini-convection currents and trap in pockets of warm air. When this aspect is combined with superior weather gaskets, a thermal dam and a high quality uPVC profile, our uPVC doors will keep warmth inside your Maidstone property – exactly where you want it.

By greatly reducing cold transfer, water ingress, noise pollution, heat transfer and preventing moisture build-up, our uPVC doors will allow you to put your heating on less, and therefore will allow you to save money on your heating bills. Get more, and save more, with Buy Right.

uPVC Doors Styles in Maidstone

Front Door and Back Door

We offer a versatile range of front door and back door options, which can be tailored to both contemporary and traditional Maidstone homes. By acting as a wonderful focal point for your property, our uPVC doors will bring something special to your property.

By choosing a low threshold for your uPVC door, you can really maximise the accessibility of your Maidstone property.  This allows our uPVC doors to ensure that your home is welcoming across the board, and means that any wheelchair and pushchair users are able to access your home smoothly.

Featuring the Liniar uPVC doors profile and Yale locking systems, our Front Doors and Back Doors offer unbeatable protection against not only the weather, but also against any would be intruders in the Maidstone area.uPVC Doors Maidstone

Composite Doors

Durable, strong and beautiful in design, our Composite Doors offer more for all Maidstone homeowners. A highly contemporary design, composite doors effortlessly combine a range of materials in order to get the best of each, in order to create a door that excels across the board.

Traditional in aesthetic, our Composite Doors offer a beautiful likeness to timber. This allows Maidstone homes to benefit from a classic and rustic addition, without missing out on all the benefits of modern technology.

Our composite doors feature high security locking systems, innate strength, a low maintenance design and fantastic weatherproofing. Protect yourself across the board, with Buy Right, today.uPVC Door Maidstone

Stable Doors

If you’re looking to bring traditional, country charm to your Maidstone home, then our beautiful uPVC stable doors are the choice for you.  They offer an enhanced level of functionality, without compromising on performance or aesthetic.

The signature of a stable door is its double sash design. Due to their innovative uPVC doors design, you can operate each sash individually. Why would you want to do this? Because it means you can open one of the sashes whilst keeping the other closed, consequently improving air-flow and views, whilst keeping your loved ones safe.

Boasting SBD accreditation, a multi-chambered uPVC profile and double drip bars for increased weather protection, our Stable Doors will keep you completely covered across the board. Get peace of mind, with Buy Right.uPVC Doors Maidstone

French Doors

This uPVC doors design enables Maidstone homeowners to bring an elegant, charming and European element to their property. Due to their intelligent design, French doors are a fantastic way to bring increased light and accessibility to your property.

When opened, French doors offer an unobstructed opening. This is due to the fact that they are designed with a flying mullion, which is carried upon one of the door sashes. This means that when opened, French doors not only increase accessibility, they also bring a wonderful and spacious feel.

A fantastic factor of French doors is their ability to be used both internally and externally. This makes them a versatile and adaptable choice; of which you can feel the benefits all throughout your Maidstone property.uPVC Door Maidstone

Patio Doors

Patio doors offer a wonderful range of unique benefits when it comes to uPVC doors design. With a contemporary uPVC doors aesthetic, patio doors will fit seamlessly into any style of Maidstone home. To further the perfect look, all of our patio doors are available in a wide range of colours.

Due to their easy to use and smooth sliding system, patio doors eliminate the need for swing space. This means that they completely maximise the space of any room that they are in, and will also enable you to place decorative items on either the side of the door for enhanced home aesthetic.

Not only does the efficient sliding system enable ease of use, it also reduces overall wear and tear upon the hardware. This means that our Patio Doors will continue to satisfy, and will be a wonderful addition to your Maidstone home for many years to come.upvc patio doors Maidstone

Bi-Folding Doors

Bi-Fold Doors will prove to be a beautifully modern, innovative and practical addition to your Maidstone home. Due to their adaptable design, our bi-fold doors are available in a variety of panel configurations. You’ll always get the perfect fit with Buy Right.

The multi-panel design does not compromise on space. This is due to the fact that 90% of the door aperture folds neatly away upon opening, and therefore creates a completely seamless connection to your Maidstone garden.

Their sleek elegant appearance is achieved by an in-board mounted stainless steel track. This conceals the complex hardware that allows our Bi-Fold doors to operate so easily, and ensures that they always achieve a clean and crisp aesthetic. uPVC Bi-Fold Doors Maidstone

uPVC Doors Prices

Spotted the perfect uPVC Doors for you? Don’t hesitate to visit us today and get a free, easy online quote. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at our competitive prices in the Maidstone area, and you’ll be completely satisfied with our service.

However, if you’re still undecided, why not get in contact with us via our online enquiry form. A member of our friendly team will always be on hand with a quick, informative response.

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conservatory Maidstone

Your Ideal Conservatory in Maidstone

Enjoy the perfect conservatory for your Maidstone home by choosing Buy Right, today. We offer conservatories that will completely enhance, improve and extend the dynamic of your Maidstone property. So, what are you waiting for?

In order for you to get the perfect conservatory, and therefore complete satisfaction, we have a variety of conservatory styles for you to choose from, including Victorian Conservatories, Edwardian Conservatories, Gable Conservatories, Lean-To Conservatories and Bespoke Conservatories.

We’re Conservatory Specialists, Don’t Worry

We understand that conservatory installation can be a stressful ordeal that takes up time, removes enjoyment and just generally wears you down. Here at Buy Right, we’ll handle everything from initial quotation all the way through to the actual fitting.

Because we handle your conservatory installation from the ground up, it means that we can custom build your conservatory, and guarantee that it fits seamlessly into your Maidstone home aesthetic, and performs exactly how you want.

In order to ensure conservatory installation efficiency, our experts will handle everything. We’ll sort out the designing, planning and building work, and we’ll guarantee the highest standard of quality upon completion. Don’t settle for less, with Buy Right.conservatory Maidstone

Conservatory Benefits

A high quality conservatory is a fantastic way to bring additional space, style and function to your Maidstone property. Their multi-functionality capabilities can really bring a unique aspect to your home, and quite simply, can help you to enjoy more.

We’ve found that some Maidstone homeowners choose to use their home extension as an extra dining room, living area, a gym, a playroom, an office or a games room. With us, the options are endless, and the options are yours.

All of our uPVC conservatories benefit from the industry leading uPVC profile from Liniar. This innovative uPVC design combines integrated reinforcement, size-optimised chambers and superior gaskets to achieve unbeatable standards of security, weatherproofing and thermal efficiency. A conservatory from us is the easiest, and most attractive way to benefit from the best.

Conservatory Styles in Maidstone

Victorian Conservatories

Featuring a multi-facet design, Victorian Conservatories offer a period aesthetic that will enrich a traditional Maidstone property, and enhance the character of a contemporary one. This design is classic, elegant and charming.

Their octagonal shape allows the Victorian conservatory to give an added depth and dimension to your Maidstone home. This means that they are not only beautiful, they are also practical. We finish off the perfect Victorian conservatory with lavish finials that really capture the traditional look.victorian conservatory Maidstone

Edwardian Conservatories

In the same traditional vein as a Victorian aesthetic, the Edwardian design offers a more understated, simple and clean aesthetic. The square or rectangular shape allows for a neat and crisp look, whilst maintaining character a charm throughout.

Their shape offers a generous and handy floor plan, which enables you to make the most of all the space you have available. This means that from a practical standpoint, Edwardian conservatories allow you to enjoy more of your Maidstone property.edwardian conservatory Maidstone

Gable Conservatories

Gable conservatories are a beautiful way to bring a sense of grandeur and boldness to your Maidstone property, via its impressive design that features a high-angled roof, often known as a ‘rising-sun’ design.

This high-angled roof, however, is not only aesthetic, it also offers a range of benefits. The high angle amplifies light, and also brings a wonderfully spacious feel. Not only will this bring a light and a welcoming atmosphere, it’s also a timeless design that never goes out of style. Get more, with Buy Right today.gable conservatory Maidstone

Lean-To Conservatories

The most cost-effective and simply sophisticated design in our range, the lean-to conservatory can be adapted to any and all Maidstone home. This makes it a very versatile, adaptable and easily accessible conservatory design.

This design has proved itself to be very popular throughout the Maidstone area, and this is because it’s a design that can be easily fitted to small eaves, and other awkward spaces. For most, the lean-to conservatory is the easiest way to get a beautiful, and fantastic option for their Maidstone home.lean-to conservatory Maidstone

Bespoke Conservatories

Bespoke conservatories effortlessly combine a lean-to style with another design from our range, to result in what is often referred to as a ‘p-shape’. Because they are a more tailored design, they are fantastically suited for larger properties or awkward housing space.

The bespoke design really allows Maidstone homeowners to tailor their conservatory to their needs, and therefore ensures a completely perfect fit. If you’re looking for a beautifully unique design that is as much an extension of your personality as it is your home, then the bespoke conservatory is the one for you.bespoke conservatory Maidstone

Colours & Finishes

Your perfect aesthetic is ensured by our comprehensive range of colours and finishes. If you want a look that exudes authenticity and tradition, you can opt for one of our beautiful wood-grained finishes, or, if you’d prefer a crisp and contemporary look, you can choose the popular pure white option.

Our colours include ‘Golden Oak’, ‘Mahogany’, ‘Rosewood’ and ‘Standard White’. All of our colours are long lasting, and won’t fade or discolour over time. Choosing Buy Right is the only way to ensure lasting satisfaction.conservatory Maidstone

Conservatory Prices

Found your ideal conservatory? Visit us today and start your free, online conservatory quote. Here, you’ll find outstanding quality conservatories in the Maidstone area, at extremely competitive prices.

Alternatively, you can get in contact with us via our online enquiry form. A member of our team can aid you with any enquiries you have, and they’ll do it in a prompt and informative manner.

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Double Glazed Windows Tunbridge Wells

uPVC Windows Maidstone

uPVC Windows have proved themselves to be an exceptional addition to any Maidstone home.

All of our uPVC windows set the standard for thermal efficiency, security, versatility, function and design. We offer all Maidstone homeowners a range of options, including Casement Windows, Tilt and Turn Windows, Sliding Sash Windows and French Casement Windows.

Outstanding uPVC WindowsLiniar uPVC windows Maidstone

Often stated as the ‘perfect uPVC windows profile’, the Liniar uPVC profile is truly something to be marvelled at. Featuring a multi-chambered design,
integrated reinforcement, multiple weatherproofing systems and a thermal dam, the Liniar profile excels in every way.

Having been the only uPVC windows profile to have been designed in the 21st century, the Liniar profile not only takes uPVC windows quality to new heights, it also offers remarkable solutions to age-old window problems. This means that our uPVC windows eliminate draughts and chills, they are easy to use and are extremely low maintenance. By installing these uPVC windows into your Maidstone home, you’ll be benefitting from the best.

High Security uPVC WindowsYale uPVC Windows Maidstone

All of our uPVC windows feature integrated reinforcement, which utilises internal structures in order to provide exceptional standards of rigidity and robustness, without the need for steel reinforcement. Not only is this economically friendly, it is also cost effective as steel reinforcement can be costly.  This inherent level of strength greatly increases Maidstone home security by ensuring the very core of your uPVC windows is incredibly resilient to break-ins.

This internal uPVC windows strength is then combined with the world-class locking system from Yale. Yale locks consist of a high security, shootbolt design that ensures the highest standards of security available. These locks are the quickest way to complete Maidstone home security, and will ensure peace of mine throughout.

They are also accompanied with a 10-year mechanical guarantee and a £1,000 security guarantee, this covers your property for 10 years after installation and means you can gain up to £1,000 towards your home content insurance in the unlikely event your Maidstone home is broken into.

All of our uPVC windows are approved by Secured by Design (SBD), which means they have undergone a large number of comprehensive tests from a police backed initiative. To gain Secured by Design approval, any product that is subject to testing must pass and uphold the highest standards of security, and ensure that they reflect the SBD standard of crime prevention. Secure your Maidstone home today, with uPVC windows from Buy Right.

Thermal Efficient uPVC Windows

Our uPVC windows are guaranteed to notably increase the heat retention of your Maidstone home, which will not only increase home comfort, it will also enable you to save money on your heating bills. This is all achieved by the market-leading uPVC profile from Liniar, and the quality of our expert installation.

Your Maidstone home will greatly benefit from our uPVC windows, as they contain size-optimised chambers. These chambers break up mini-convection currents and lock in pockets of warm air, why you ask? By trapping in pockets of warm air, our uPVC windows keep your heating in your home where you want it, and will make sure your home not only gets warmer, but it stays warmer for longer periods of time.

Increased heat retention in your Maidstone home can be greatly let down by poor weatherproofing, which allows head to escape through draughts, and also allows the integrity of your uPVC windows to be compromised by water build up and wear. To ensure this doesn’t happen, all of our uPVC windows are outfitted with specially designed profile contours which maximise natural drainage and prevent moisture build up. Keep the rain away, with Buy Right today.

Maidstone home weatherproofing and thermal efficiency is increased further by a unique ‘glazing flipper’ gasket, high performance double action ‘bubble’ gaskets and an innovatively designed thermal dam. When all of these features are combined, they greatly reduce cold transfer, water ingress, noise pollution, heat transfer as well as maintaining tight weather seals.uPVC Window Maidstone

uPVC Windows Options, Maidstone

Casement Windows

Casement windows have shown themselves a sophisticated, practical and popular choice throughout Maidstone, and are a beautifully well-rounded uPVC window that will leave you satisfied across the board.

To ensure a beautiful aesthetic for your Maidstone property, all of our Casement Windows are hand finished by our highly skilled craftsmanship before they reach you. Not only does this ensure a smooth and beautiful finish, it also guarantees that you’ll always get the best by choosing Buy Right.

All of our uPVC casement windows are fitted with stainless steel friction stays that are have been tested to 20,000 cycles. This guarantees complete protection and means that these uPVC windows will be a worthwhile, and a beneficial addition to any and all Maidstone homes.

Our Casement Windows combine slim sightlines and a chamfered rebate to achieve a beautifully classic, traditional and sophisticated look. Get the best look, with Buy Right today.Casement Window Kent

Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and Turn windows are a beautiful and practical way to enhance the function, aesthetic and dynamic of your Maidstone home. Simply put, tilt and turn windows allow you to do more, and they will bring more to your property because of it.

Tilt and turn windows feature a wonderful function that allows you to tilt the window on a 90° angle. This means that on a hot summer’s day, you can open your window in a way that increases air flow without compromising on security. With Buy Right, you can get the best of both.

All of our Tilt and Turn windows are fitted with a ‘Ferguar Silver’ surface coating, which will give you long term protection against rust and corrosion. The Liniar profile also ensures that our Tilt and Turn Windows will never rot, warp or fade. Get enjoyment that lasts, today.Tilt and Turn Maidstone

French Casement Windows

Beautiful, cultural and practical, French casement windows are a wonderful choice for any and all Maidstone homes. Offering a unique aesthetic and unique functionality, this uPVC window design is a remarkable option.

French casement windows feature a flying mullion which allows one of the window sashes to carry the mullion upon opening. This means that when you open your French casement windows you’ll be left with a completely unrestricted opening, not only does this mean you’ll have enhanced air-flow, it also means that the opening can be used as a fire escape in all habitable rooms.

To ensure these uPVC windows are chore-free, they are all fitted with easy-clean hinges which allow access to both sides of the window, which not only makes them easy to clean in general, it also means that they can be easily accessed if they’re used as windows in high rise Maidstone properties, or as upstairs windows.french casement windows maidstone

Sliding Sash Windows

Sliding Sash Windows allow Maidstone homeowners to bring a period charm to their property, whilst benefitting completely from all the benefits of modern window advancement and innovation. Bring harmony between the old and the new, with Buy Right today.

These uPVC windows stay loyal to the timber appearance of their traditional counterparts, but the Liniar profile enables them to achieve unbeatable levels of thermal efficiency, security and performance. You don’t need to compromise, with our sliding sash windows.

Spring balance systems and restrictors are installed into all of our Sliding Sash Windows in order to ensure safety and ease of use throughout. The balance mechanisms offset the weight of the sliding sash in order to ensure that they are not heavy or hard to lift, whilst the restrictors stop the sash from falling fully and trapping any fingers. Make sure your little loved ones stay safe, with Buy Right.Sliding Sash Windows Maidstone

uPVC Windows, Maidstone

If you think our uPVC windows are the right choice for your Maidstone home, then don’t delay in getting a free, instant online quote from us today, and you’ll be able to advantage of all the benefits that competitive pricing has to offer.

Feel you need more information? You can get in contact with us via our online enquiry form, where a member of our friendly team will always be on hand to help with any problems or questions you may have.

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uPVC Conservatories Tunbridge Wells

Conservatory Range in Kent

A high quality conservatory is paramount to enhancing the value, adaptability and practicality of your home in Kent. Buy Right are happy to offer a versatile range that can accommodate for any and all Kent properties.

Our collection includes the Victorian Conservatory, Edwardian Conservatory, Gable Conservatory, Lean-To Conservatory and the Bespoke Conservatory.

High Quality Conservatory Installation

Because we’re conservatory specialists, we can confidently guarantee a high quality installation. We’ll be with you all the way from your initial quotation through to the actual fitting. This means that we can custom build your extension to meet the needs of your property in Kent

The installation need not be a stressful affair for you, our experts will take care of all designing, planning and building work. This not only ensures a quality finish, it also means that the installation will go as smoothly, and efficiently as possible.

Outfit your home in Kent with an exceptional extension from Buy Right, and benefit from a fantastic service across the board.

Adaptable Conservatory Design

A conservatory is a great way to extend the living space of your Kent property. Whether your home is contemporary or traditional, our experts can provide your home with the perfect fit, which will ensure maximum space and usability.

A fantastic element about conservatories is their complete multi-functionality as a living space. For some, they act as an extra dining room or living area, for others it is converted into a home office or play room. There is a myriad of ways you can use your Kent home extension, and most importantly, the choice is completely yours.

Conservatory Range

Our conservatory range is comprehensive and accommodating, with designs ranging from the contemporary to traditional, they can be fitted and adapted to any and all Kent homes.

Victorian Conservatory

The Victorian design features a beautifully traditional aesthetic, offering a beautiful extension to any traditional Kent property, and a classic touch to any contemporary Kent property.

Featuring a multi-faceted design, the Victorian style is octagonal in shape. This gives you exceptional views of your garden, whilst simultaneously allowing natural light to flood in. This design is a beautifully spacious, and aesthetically attractive extension for any Kent property.

To really complete the traditional look, subtle and charming finials are added to the roofline for a lavish and classic look. Choose the Victorian style from Buy Right today, and
benefit from an extension that has won the hearts of many generations.victorian conservatory Kent

Edwardian Conservatory

Another ancestor of a traditional extension design, the Edwardian style consists of a square or rectangular shape. This offers bountiful floor space, which allows Kent homeowners to really make the most of the space a home extension can bring.

Although sporting a traditional aesthetic, the Edwardian design can be easily fitted to any Kent property, and will prove itself to be a beautiful addition wherever it is installed.

To achieve the classic look, the Edwardian style is complemented by clean and crisp lines, which allow this design to exude finesse and elegance.

edwardian conservatory Kent

Gable Conservatory

The gable design is a beautiful way to add a stately touch to any Kent property. The spacious, high angled roof design amplifies light and creates a bright and endearing atmosphere.

Incorporating a ‘rising sun’ roofline design with the timeless Gable aesthetic, this design is always in style, and will prove itself to be a worthwhile investment for any Kent homeowner.gable conservatory Kent

Lean-To Conservatory

An incredibly contemporary design, the lean-to style can be adapted to any Kent property. This option excels in adaptability, practicality and cost-effectiveness.

Because the lean-to can be easily fitted to smaller spaces, even Kent homeowners who live in bungalows or terraced houses can benefit from the lean-to’s incredibly versatile installation.

Stylish and simple, this option has become a hugely popular extension in the Kent area.lean-to conservatory Kent

Bespoke Conservatory

The Bespoke option intelligently combines the lean-to with a different design to create a P-shaped layout. This is ideal for larger Kent homes, or Kent properties that have awkward housing space.

An easily tailored design, Bespoke Conservatories can be easily fitted your desired space. If you’re a Kent homeowner looking for a unique design, the Bespoke is the choice for you.Bespoke conservatory Kent

Conservatory Colour and Finishes

Our whole range is available in a wide selection of colours and finishes, spanning from the authentic wood-grained look to the standard, sophisticated pure white colour options.

Other colours include Golden Oak, Mahogany and Rosewood. All colours are in it for the long run, and will not fade or discolour over time.

Conservatory Prices

Interested in our conservatory prices? Get a free and instant online quote from us today, and benefit from our superbly competitive prices.

If you feel you require more information, you can get in touch with us via our online contact form, or call us on 01795 427 222.

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Conservatories Ashford

Are you looking for a bespoke, made to measure conservatory for your home in Ashford? Perhaps you’ve been promising yourself one for years but never quite found the right company. A trustworthy company with an uncompromising reputation for providing the highest quality conservatories throughout Ashford and the surrounding Kent areas. A company like Buy Right.

conservatories kent

Here at Buy Right Windows, we specialise in supplying and fitting the very best conservatories in Ashford. Conservatories that are designed to last and subjected to rigorous safety tests, ensuring they are capable of withstanding the worst of the British weather.

We are a family ran business with over thirty years’ experience in providing families in Ashford with excellent home improvement products that stand the test of time. If you are searching for a local business who fully appreciate the needs of families, contact Buy Right Windows today. Our polite team of in house professionals are more than happy to offer you advice and talk you through our list of services and products.

As we joyfully enter Spring 2016, is there really a better time to get the conservatory of your dreams? Long warm evenings in the comfort of your carefully designed heated conservatory enjoying a glass or two with close friends and family.

Our Conservatory Installations


Here at Buy Right, we are immensely proud to become one of the most trusted and respected installers of conservatories throughout Ashford and the surrounding Kent areas. How have we achieved this? As a local family ran business, we understand the meaning of family value. What’s more, we have well over thirty years’ experience in designing, supplying and fitting made to measure conservatories throughout Ashford and the surrounding Kent towns.

What’s more, unlike other home improvement companies, each and every one of our conservatories are installed with acute attention to detail. Ensuring that your conservatory will last for years to come, maintaining its high security and energy efficient values. A room for yourself and your loved ones to enjoy all year round.

conservatory kent

Here at Buy Right, we boast a superior customer service. Here for you from the very start to the very end of your conservatory installation. When you deal with Buy Right, you will benefit from our personalised approach to customer service. Keeping in close contact with you, ensuring you remain in the loop in regards to dates and progress.

When it comes to the conservatory installation itself, we do our utmost to ensure minimal intrusion into your daily life. What’s more, all of our highly trained installation engineers have an eye for rubbish and waste. Your dedicated building professionals will make sure the site is left clean, tidy and most importantly safe every single day. Minimising risk and keeping your Ashford property looking its best.

Why not read what others have said about our work? Or, if we’ve completed work on your property recently why not leave feedback? We welcome and encourage all reviews!


Our Range of Conservatories

Now for the fun part, picking your conservatory! Here at Buy Right, we’ve compiled a collection of beautiful constructions that can be adapted to work on all types of properties throughout Ashford and the surrounding Kent areas.

Each one of our conservatories are designed to add space in your family home. Providing much needed warm and secure space to enjoy all year around.


Victorian Conservatory

Our Victorian conservatory is one of our most popular designs, complementing all manner of homes. Period, modern detached or semi. This versatile conservatory is available in both a three or five facet design. This conservatory is bound to amplify the character of any home, boasting an interesting and symmetrical design.

A conservatory that utilises the space it creates, boasting security and thermal values. Thoroughly for older properties, especially those from the Victorian era.

victorian conservatory Kent

Edwardian Conservatory

Another conservatory designed and based upon an architecturally stylish period. Our Edwardian conservatory perfectly captures the traditional style of Edwardian buildings. With its perfectly boxed design, clean lines and simplistic roof – the Edwardian conservatory is our second highest seller.

It just seems to blend in effortlessly, instantly becoming a part of the furniture. As if were there for years, and designed to last for many to come.

edwardian conservatory Kent

Gable Conservatories

Make your property stand out with one of our most striking, bold and grand designs – the Gable conservatory. Its specially designed high angled roof maximises the natural light entering your home. Creating a spacious room, guaranteed to add value to your property.

gable conservatory Kent

Lean-To Conservatories

Our Lean-To conservatory is one of our personal favourites. Beautifully simplistic, boasting maximum natural light and proving that minimalism is a strong option for our more artistically minded customers. A contemporary meets modern feel, able to fit into awkward spaces.

lean-to conservatory Kent

Bespoke Conservatories


Our bespoke conservatory range combine our sought after Lean-To with another design, creating what is commonly known as a P-shaped design. Our bespoke conservatory is both stylish and spacious, providing enough space for a multipurpose room.

Extended dining hall perhaps, contemporary lounge or perhaps office meets kids room? Our bespoke conservatory should be viewed as a cost effective extension to your Ashford home. Our skilled designers work with you to construct a conservatory you can be truly proud of. Providing your family with a safe and warm conservatory that lasts.


Free Online Conservatory Quote

Do you feel that it might be the perfect time to invest in a made to measure conservatory for your home in Ashford, Kent? Or perhaps you would just like to discover just how competitive our prices are.

Whatever your reasons, start your free non obligation quote now with our free quote generator.

Or if you would like more information on our conservatories, use the contact form and one of our friendly knowledgeable staff will call you.



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uPVC Conservatories Tunbridge Wells

Conservatories in Kent

Conservatories Kent

As well as our best-selling windows and doors, we also sell a range of beautiful conservatories here at Buy Right windows, specialising in luxurious, high quality designs for your Kent property. As certified by Certass, you can rest assured that our conservatories are excellent in quality and design.

We will take you through each process and will be behind you every step of the way, ensuring you get the most out of your conservatory choice.

Conservatories are a beautiful way of adding style and charm to your home, and we have a range of styles to choose from – there’s a perfect conservatory for everyone!

Victorian Conservatories

Is your Kent home a beautiful, traditional property?

One of our Victorian conservatories will be perfect for you, with its unique octagonal shape giving depth and dimension. Stunning finials are added to the roof for an extravagant look, while still maintaining a traditional style.

These conservatories are very versatile, suiting a range of homes and properties and will offer a classic touch to your Kent home!

 victorian conservatories

Edwardian Conservatories

Another great option for a traditional Kent home is one from our Edwardian conservatory range. These tend to be square or rectangular in structure, making them easy to furnish and decorate.

Edwardian conservatories greatly complement period properties, but are very adaptable, giving a classic effect to more contemporary homes.

Due to their structure, Edwardian conservatories offer a generous floor-plan, perfect for making use of any excess space. Your Kent home will be transformed by one of our Edwardian conservatories – you’ll wonder why you didn’t get one years ago!

edwardian conservatories

Gable Conservatories

Add a touch of splendor to your Kent home with one of our Gable conservatories, a perfect choice for those looking for a bright, timeless conservatory with a high-angled roof design.

Lie back and watch the stars – choose a Gable conservatory and you’ll have maximum views of the sky and landscape!

A beautiful aspect to gable-ended conservatories is that they typically integrate a ‘rising sun’ design, adding charm and distinctive quality.

gable conservatories


Lean-To Conservatories

For a more cost-effective choice, our lean-to conservatories are a popular option as they combine stylish design with cost-efficient properties.

This is a great option if you’re looking at conservatories to fit a bungalow or terraced house – we will accommodate wherever possible and a lean-to conservatory is a very versatile design that will work with most properties, even if your property has small eaves.


lean-to conservatories


Bespoke Conservatories

Do you have a particular idea in mind for your Kent home? We can accommodate your design preferences, combining a lean-to style with other structures, creating a P-shaped conservatory.

This is perfect for bigger properties and unique housing spaces that perhaps require a bespoke design. No prospect is too difficult – contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss your conservatory ideas for your Kent home!

bespoke conservatories


Prefer Orangeries to Conservatories?

We also offer Orangeries as part of our range of conservatories, a great choice if you’re lucky enough to have a Southern facing home but you’re concerned a conservatory may not be appropriate due to an excess of sunlight.

Built of brick with a glass roof, Orangeries keep you cool while still allowing light to enter through, resulting in a room that doesn’t get too hot, yet allows a direct source of sunlight.

With excellent sound insulation and a robust design, our Orangeries are a great alternative if you’re seeking better ventilation options.


orangies conservatories

orangies conservatories kent













Decided on your favourite from our range of conservatories already? Great! Get in touch to discuss your ideas or get an online quote today. We look forward to talking to you about your new Kent conservatory!

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uPVC Doors Kent

uPVC doors are supplied and fitted by Buy Right throughout Kent. All of our uPVC doors are tailor made and fitted by our double glazing experts. We have over thirty years of trading experience. Our front doors come in a variety of colours and styles and can be designed to accommodate for wheelchair access.

uPVC doors

We at Buy Right specialise in supplying high quality and sturdy uPVC front doors in Kent. Our range of uPVC doors are rigorously tested for strength, security and energy performance. Because of these tests, we can confidently say that our range of uPVC doors are energy efficient, strong and fantastic value for money.We have joined forces with Liniar and Yale to deliver the best uPVC doors on the market!

You may be asking yourself why we work with Yale and Liniar to bring uPVC doors to homes around Kent. It’s not just the great range of uPVC doors on offer, it’s the in built security and added energy efficiency that attracts us as a supplier.

So if you’re looking for a new doors this winter, choose a uPVC door from Buy Right Windows.

uPVC Front Doors

Our uPVC doors add charisma and charm to your property. You want to have an attractive front door, it’s one the first thing you see when arriving at your home. Something as simple as replacing your front door will immediately make your home appear welcoming and attractive.

Here at Buy Right Windows we have an extensive range of striking uPVC doors. All uPVC doors can be modified for your needs. We offer our customers various colour schemes, styles and finishes. Why not complete your uPVC front door by adding a colour co-ordinated letterbox?

Our uPVC doors are manufactured here in, Britain. We can easily customise your new uPVC front to perfectly match your Kent property. Why not have contrasting uPVC door accessories or stained glass to really highlight the character of your Kent home. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the sheer number of design modifications open to you when purchasing a new uPVC front door.


uPVC Doors save you money

Up to 20% of heat from Kent homes escapes through ill fitted and old front doors. Our uPVC doors are double glazed to dramatically improve energy efficiency. uPVC doors are environmentally friendly too. We ensure that all our uPVC doors are completely lead and steel free. This makes our uPVC doors 100% recyclable, which is good news for the environment.

Liniar manufacture and design our uPVC doors to be energy efficient. The multi chambered technology inside the front door traps pockets of warm air, assuring that cold air cannot make its way into your Kent home. The uPVC door fits perfectly into its made to measure frame. Glazing flippers and thermal dams help to control noise pollution and helps prevent water from entering your home. Because we take the time and effort to construct our uPVC doors without lead and steel, our sturdy front doors remain lightweight as well as robust. This also leaves space for a positive drainage system, yet more defence against the Great British weather…


Security you can trust

We fit all of our uPVC doors with the world’s leading lock brand, Yale. Like you, we don’t take any shortcuts when it comes to the wellbeing of you and your family. Your new uPVC door will provide the ideal shield against the most determined of would be intruders.

Yale’s Lockmaster is backed with a ten year malfunction warranty and up to a £1,000 contents insurance guarantee. For good reason.

The Lockmaster is an incredibly resilient multipoint lock. The central latch and hook combine with an anti-separation hook to create an unmovable seal between the door and the frame.

A claw hook at the top and bottom of the door further improve security to the top and bottom of the frame whilst pre-compression rollers ensure that the door operates smoothly, with added weather protection.


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Buy Right Windows offer an easy to use, step-by-step online quote system. If you want to see how little a uPVC will cost you, follow this link. Or, alternatively, give one of our expert team members a call on 01795 427222.

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Composite Doors in Kent

Composite Front Doors

If you’re looking for a Composite Door in Kent, you’ve come to the right place. Composite Front Doors are leagues ahead of their competitors, timber and uPVC Doors, and we at Buy Right have a superb range of timeless styles, colours and finishes to choose from.

But just what makes Composite Doors so special? Buy Right Windows in Kent are here to tell you.

Composite Doors Kent


Composite Doors vs. Wooden Doors


Composite Doors win hands down with us!

We all love the idea of a wooden front door, but they certainly do nothing to keep the cold out of your Kent home like a Composite Door would. Those looking for a replacement door for their old wooden door may now be looking at a drab and faded exterior to the face their property – not to mention the annual upkeep involved with wooden doors!

With the winter months closing in, it really is time to reconsider the functionality of a wooden front door. Do we really love wooden doors, or are we just concerned with their appearance?

What if I told you our Composite Doors can be designed to replicate a beautiful wooden door with a stunning woodgrain finish, retaining the integrity of your Kent home should you desire the classic look and feel of a timber door.

We have a stunning range of Composite Doors which combine all the benefits of the latest uPVC technology with a selection of durable, thermally proven materials. This revolutionary design not only saves on energy consumption, but is also a breeze to maintain.

Wooden doors may warp and rot over time (as well as needing an annual coat of paint), but our Composite Doors in Kent are resilient and hardwearing. They do not rot or warp and there’s no need to repaint them. Just choose from our phenomenal array of colours and finishes and rest assured that your chosen look is made to last.

Composite Doors vs. uPVC Doors

What sets the Composite Door apart from its predecessor? uPVC is an excellent material and inexpensive too. Buy Right’s 100% lead-free Composite Doors combine all the energy saving and security enhancing benefits of uPVC Doors with the latest construction materials on the market today including:

  • Insulating Foam
  • Wood
  • GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic)
  • uPVC

Our top of the range combination of high-quality materials truly create a superior shield to the entrance of your property. The insulating foam core means our Composite Doors are capable of achieving A+14 energy ratings, providing greater thermal-resistance than uPVC and wooden doors. In other words, you will use less energy to keep your home warm, saving money long term with Buy Right’s long lasting Composite Doors.

Your security is our priority. You are protected from cold draughts, moisture, sound pollution and intruders with our intelligent uPVC Composite Door, keeping you safe and secure in your home all year round, year on year.

Singular material doors such as uPVC doors, whilst alone are a fantastic product, do not match up to the security you are given by our Liniar Composite Doors. This is why so many people today are choosing to make the worthwhile switch to Composite.

Why wait? Choose the perfect Composite Front Door for your home Today!

Obtain a free online quote for your new Composite Door now!

Composite Front Door Kent



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double glazed doors tunbridge wells

uPVC Doors Sittingbourne

Looking for uPVC Doors in Sittingbourne? Buy Right provide market-leading Liniar uPVC doors throughout Kent. Secure, stylish and energy efficient, our double glazed doors promise quality aesthetics and long lasting performance.

Why not update your property and give it a fresh new look with our great looking uPVC doors in Kent. Our customers receive the very best in home security and weather proofing. Our comprehensive range of door designs means we have a door to suit every type of property and lifestyle.

Whether you’re looking at entrance doors, back doors or perhaps a set of Patio or French doors, here at Buy Right Windows we have the perfect uPVC Doors for your Sittingbourne home.


double glazing uPVC door

uPVC Doors

For a perfect entrance to your Kent home, choose one of our stunning uPVC doors. Whether for the front of your home or the back, our uPVC doors have fantastic Yale locking systems that offer a premium security service to keep your family safe and sound.

Accredited by Secured by Design, our locking systems are second to none, and have a mechanical guarantee that will last for 10 years from installation. We can even incorporate a push bar mechanism into your new uPVC door for emergency situations.

Available in a fantastic range of styles and colours, we’re confident that your Sittingbourne home will be beautifully enhanced with our uPVC doors.





stable doors upvc

uPVC Stable Doors


For additional ventilation, our uPVC Stable doors are a fantastic choice. With the top and bottom sashes having the ability to disengage, your Sittingbourne property will be airy and spacious.

You can even upgrade to a superior ventilation option with a tilt facility, allowing you to ventilate your home without fully opening one of the sashes. Perfect for either a front or back door, our uPVC Stable Doors are a great way of keeping your Sittingbourne property airy and properly ventilated.

With drip bars installed as standard, water ingress is very easily prevented, keeping your family warm and free from water-damage. With this and superior uPVC from Liniar, your new uPVC Stable Door will keep your Sittingbourne property perfectly weatherproof.



uPVC French Doors

french doors upvc

Add a touch of the continental to your Sittingbourne property, with our beautiful uPVC French Doors.

There’s no need to worry about the durability of your new uPVC French Doors, as Liniar’s superb uPVC frames are second to none. What’s more, is that they come with a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee against cracking, warping or discolouration, giving you peace of mind when choosing uPVC French Doors from Buy Right Windows.

We offer fantastic door restrictors to prevent the door from being opened too far and causing damage, plus our superb range of SFS Intec hinges are durable, robust and are available in 8 different colours. With a great collection of RENOLIT foils, you can create beautiful uPVC French Doors that blend seamlessly with your Sittingbourne home.




uPVC Patio Doors

Choose our superb uPVC Patio Doors for your Sittingbourne home today, and enjoy their smooth, practically silent operation thanks to the state of the art multi-wheeled ‘air-glidupvc patio doorse’ running system. There’s nothing worse than stunning uPVC Patio Doors that squeak, which is why we’ve produced a beautiful range of statement doors that will add a fantastic addition to your Sittingbourne property.

With a modular locking system from Yale, our uPVC Patio Doors are the most secure on the market, so there’s no need to worry about security – we have it covered. What’s more, is that we have included high tensile steel shootbolts which provide extra security at both the head and the cill. You can never have too many security measures when it comes to the safety of your family.

We have even incorporated a ‘finger-traps-free’ design to keep your little ones from harm. No detail is overlooked upon designing our uPVC doors for your Sittingbourne home.



uPVC Bi-Folding Doors

For a beautiful bespoke design, choose our superb uPVC Bi-Folding Doors, which offer a stunning enhancement to your Sittingbourne home. Using patented Liniar hardware, all components of your new uPVC door blend harmoniously with the energy efficient profiles, creating a superb end result.

With robust, cleverly concealed hardware, our contemporary uPVC Bi-Folding doors are a great cost-effective alternative to aluminium, as they can easily combat their strength and aesthetic appeal at a far more affordable price. We offer styles from 2-7 panes and a whole variety of fold configurations, so that we can tailor your uPVC Bi-Folding doors to complement your Sittingbourne home perfectly.

Experience panoramic views of your garden, with slim outer frames that ensure up to 90% of the aperture will remain unobstructed. They are also available with a variety of low threshold options, so if you need easy-access uPVC Doors for wheelchairs or pushchairs, Bi-Folding doors will work perfectly for your Sittingbourne property.





Now that you’ve heard all about our fantastic range of uPVC doors, we’re excited to talk to you about your design thoughts and ideas for your Sittingbourne home. Maybe you  would like some more information about our extensive range of uPVC Doors for your Kent property? Fantastic! Contact us today for more information or get a no obligation instant online quote! We can’t wait to hear all about your uPVC Door design ideas.

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